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  1. jburtner

    What's in your glass tonight?

    My Coronavirus Blend in the glass. Sorta new’ish but I bottled some up for top-up stock and topping up tonights tomato basil bolognese and the chef! Cheers, Johann
  2. jburtner

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Four whites chugging along. Left to right WE Trinity, Symphony, Riesling, and Pinot Blanc. Started 3/22 so maybe they’re almost ready to rack. I didn’t measure starting gravity and haven’t taken any measurements yet. The shame....
  3. jburtner

    Frozen grape buckets for $99.99 with code "STAYHOME"

    Let us know. I’ve seen that site before and the buckets are marked as weighing 30lbs. The 5g buckets I’ve ordered elsewhere weigh 50lbs. Cheers! Johann
  4. jburtner

    What's for Dinner?

    Fancy Ramen! - Johann
  5. jburtner

    What to do with pomace?

    That looks pretty good and the second answer would be to make grappa. Cheers! -johann
  6. jburtner

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Spent some time bottling and racking. Racked down and sulfited a cab sav and petite verdot from must and a merlot juice bucket fermented on skins. Made about four gallons of an early blend of the three for top up and testing (22 bottles) - i’m calling it the coronavirus 2020 as it contains...
  7. jburtner

    Affordable grapes in the southeast?

    I live in Nashville but used to live in ATL. There are a couple wineries in the area. One just up I85 north of ATL. Cheers, johann
  8. jburtner

    Affordable grapes in the southeast?

    I'm planning to order from Colavita next season. Probably do a pallet full which is a bunch and I'll need to get a larger tank for bulk aging and a crusher/de-stemmer. I'll use my small press for now. The cost goes down quite a bit in these quantities. Cheers, johann
  9. jburtner

    Wine making in the age of pandemics

    Barter with? I’m sanitizing from the inside out lol :) Stay safe y’all! Cheers! -johann
  10. jburtner

    Wine making in the age of pandemics

    I went out and purchased four white wine kits to start up asap that I’m expecting to bottle fairly quickly. My LHBS stocks WinExpert kits. I’m starting these tonight with primary ferment direct in the carboy - Pinot Blanc Trinity White Symphony Riesling I agree the acidic and high ABv...
  11. jburtner

    All in One Degassing Question

    I use headspace eliminators with the AIO and can get pretty much all the foam out. I might warm it up a bit to allow it to release CO2 more easily when I’m ready to rack. Cheers, Johann
  12. jburtner

    Carignan Rosé

    I’ve got a Carignan red going now from 115yo vines. It’s one of the better wines in my cellar right now and a couple months into bulk aging. I did it from frozen must and would love a rose made from this or even a rose petnat. Good idea for next season. Mental note made. Cheers! -johann
  13. jburtner

    MLF recommendations

    If you let the bulb dry out you may need to soak it for some time in potassium chloride solution or you may need a new one. Check with your manufacturer to see if they have a recommended storage protocol. Cheers! -johann
  14. jburtner

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    This is awesome and thanks for sharing! Interesting that no concern regarding TA was indicated. Was there an upper TA limit discussed at all WRT getting pH down to 3.6 range pre-AF? Cheers, johann
  15. jburtner

    Carignan Must !

    The Carignan is racked off gross lees. 12 gallons and 3.5 bottles for top up. 2nd use of skins with Aussie PV needs to be pressed tonight (down to almost 1.000). I’ll be using the skins a 3rd time with 10 gallons Aussie Cab Sav. I moved two carboys of Sangiovese out of the cold room (had...
  16. jburtner

    Has anyone ever built their own press?

    There are lots of very functional DIY approaches for small batch wine pressing. The bucket press is great and incorporating a hydraulic jack with some bracing can make it pretty easy to work with. This press is $100 and i’ve used it for a handful of seasons doing multiple pressings of batches...
  17. jburtner

    2019 Lodi Meritage

    Whoa! That barrel drinks almost as much as I do :) Cheers! -johann
  18. jburtner

    Making wine racks

    Anyone make some carboy racks? I believe that book has plans for those as well - at a slight angle to leave room for the airlock and racking cane access. Cheers! Johann
  19. jburtner

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    That’s great news. Looking forward to reading your notes. Cheers! -johann
  20. jburtner

    Frozen pails of must...are they worth it?

    Colavita estimated maybe about $400 for an LTL reefer delivery to Nashville on a pallet of grapes which doesn't sound unreasonable to me. Another option to pick up at a winery may save a little on shipping but probably close enough to a wash for me. Cheers! -johann
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