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    I’m confused!

    I FIGURED UT OUT! I went to a different ferment supply store to get new stuff to make a new wine. Long story short, you aren’t supposed to add sugar to a Vintner’s best fruit wine base. I wish the salesperson would have told me that, or there was a note on the gallon, or it was noted on the...
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    Honeysuckle wine question

    Can I use Japanese dried honeysuckle to make wine? If so, what ratio of dried would I use in place of 6 cups of fresh honeysuckle flower? Has anyone on here ever made a good honeysuckle wine? Any tips?
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    I’m confused!

    Thank all of your for your advice. My friend that helped me with the first batch basically did everything for me and of course not knowing what I was doing then, he confused me even more. So that being said, I am pretty positive that the fermentation is stuck having had a high ABV and it killed...
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    I’m confused!

    I checked it 6 days ago and it was at 1.062. I still see a very thin line of foam just from moving the wine to test it. I tasted it and it definitely does not taste flat. I saw it percolate once since I closed it back after the readings and the temp is reading 66.2.
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    I’m confused!

    I am new to making wine so I had a friend of the family help me make my first batch of Elderberry wine. I used vintners best fruit wine base. At that point I didn’t know anything about making wine- my knowledge has increased since, but I am still stuck in this. He wrote down that my hydrometer...