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    For Sale Carboys / Primary fermenters TRI-STATE AREA

    4x 6 Gallon Carboys ($30 each) 3x 3 Gallon Carboys ($20 each) 4× 6 Gallon Primary ($5 each) 2x Aquarium heaters ( fermentation heat wraps ($15 each) I have everything else for wine making if looking, prob willing to throw in for free Looking for local to NY NJ CT area, or anywhere in PA...
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    PBW / Oxyclean residue in carboy

    Hello all, I left a high concentration of PBW mixture in my carboy overnight to try and get rid of some black streaks (assuming mold from 3 years of non-use). Worked well, but I now have that white haze on the inside of my carboy. I did a little research and tried to remove the haze with 2...
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    normacorc corking issues

    nomacorc corking issues So I corked 57 bottles using synthetic nomacorc before reading about the known issues with using the Portuguese floor corker. I did a silly thing and had the corks sitting in water while bottling. Anyway I have had all 57 bottles laying on horizontally for 48 hours...
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    Yeast & doubling question

    I just finished and bottled 6 gallons of Diamanti Icewine, and I realized I may have done something wrong from the start. The kit is for 3 gallons, so I combined the two kits, now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have doubled all the chems that were included. IE: EC1118 (5g), the 1 packet would be...
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    Clearing, Stabilizing, Degassing w/Kit

    Hello, I'm making my first batch of wine. An Icewine from Diamanti. I have questions about the instructions. My wine is in the secondary and has fermented to .994, and I am getting ready to rack it again. . First I'll write the instructions.. leaving out the obvious. ..... after all of the...
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    Diamanti Icewine kit - Still in Primary

    I've had this kit fermenting in primary for about a week when i took this picture, It's been about 10 days as on now and I plan on taking a SG reading when I get back into town. Questions? Does this picture look right? My temperature is fluctuating between 68F - 75F, is this damaging my...
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    Hello, and 1st question

    Hi guys, I'm brand new to the forum, My name is Paul and I live in Pittsburgh, PA I have no experience in home brewing, only watched a couple you tube videos and read a little bit from this forum, mostly about the skittles wine, haha. Got a question I am planning on making icewine by...