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    Acceptable Vessels for Extended Maceration

    I do all of my primary fermentation in buckets or brute trash cans. Im thinking about dipping my toes into extended maceration in the fall, and wanted to see what vessels folks have used successfully for 4-6 week macerations. Would modifying the brute lid to add a seal like an adhesive strip...
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    Costco Wine Rack

    I've seen a lot of posts about how good the Seville wine racks are from Sam's Club or Amazon. I'm a Costco member, and they carry a rack that looks a lot like the Seville. It is made by Trinity. Has anyone...
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    Monty's Wine Making Process

    I am new to the forum, and one thing I wanted to do was get some feedback and critiquing on my wine making process. When I got started I found I was sourcing different aspects of my process from all different books, websites, or other sources. I decided I would document MY process so that I can...
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    Hi I'm Monty

    Hi everyone, I am a new member here, and wanted to introduce myself. I am from the Philadelphia area, and I've been making wine since 2012. I started out making it in the basement of a row house I was renting in the city. I had a pretty good operation going with the utility sink and the washer...
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