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  1. bluecrab

    WineXpert Musty wine aftertaste

    Are you familiar with the smell of 'corked' wine? "Corked wines smell and taste of damp, soggy, wet or rotten cardboard." To me it smells of wet, musty newspaper. A few bottles of my wine had it. I believe it...
  2. bluecrab

    Little bit of a problem with TA readings

    Your wine sample and sodium hydroxide should be at room temperature. If not, it can cause a false reading.
  3. bluecrab

    Mourvedre question

    How did you calculate 12 g/l acid? As pH increases, it takes less acid to reduce it. So, in general, it will take less acid to reduce a must with pH 4.4 by 0.1, than a must with pH 3.8 by 0.1. I do titrations to determine the amount of acid to add. This year, it took about 3 g/l tartaric to...
  4. bluecrab

    Mourvedre question

    With all that hang time, I wonder if the grapes are a bit dehydrated. My Cab Sav grapes this year were drier than normal at crush. I had to add 2/3 gallon of water per lug of grapes to balance out the must. After pressing, I wound up with the volume of wine I normally get. So, I figure I just...
  5. bluecrab

    Very High Spike in Fermentation Temperature (did I just ruin 100 gallons of must?)

    I had something similar happen. The wine was fine.
  6. bluecrab

    Help Fermentation wont start

    I read on another thread that if you rehydrate yeast with nutrients not meant for rehydration, it can kill them. I’m not sure if this is true or if it is your problem, but it is a possibility.
  7. bluecrab

    1st time using Shrink caps

    I use shrink caps as a label replacement. Each batch of wine gets a unique shrink cap color. I label only one bottle with the information for the batch, but all of the bottles get a shrink cap. When I want to drink a bottle, I go to my wine rack and look through the collection of labeled...
  8. bluecrab

    Oak bench test

    I agree with winemaker81. Please report back on your results.
  9. bluecrab

    Oak bench test

    @distancerunner I don't know if this will meet your needs, but this is how I determined which oak I prefer.
  10. bluecrab

    Using Egg Beater to Rid of H2S

    It appears one can accurately predict when H2S will occur, due to lack of oxygen during fermentation. "Opus One Winery in Napa Valley conducted a two-year research project in conjunction with UC Davis (UCD) to measure and monitor oxidation reduction potential (ORP) during red wine fermentations...
  11. bluecrab

    Cheaply testing so2

    Here's some additional safety information for anyone using Titrets. When I pushed the valve assembly (the flexible tube) on the ampoule (the glass tube), a drop of clear liquid came out of the valve assembly and fell on my countertop. I had not yet snapped the tip of the ampoule. I asked the...
  12. bluecrab

    MLF Experiment

    I just gave the oak a quick rinse in cold water, put it in a Ziplock bag, and threw it in the freezer.
  13. bluecrab

    MLF Experiment

    That’s what gave me the idea to try this.
  14. bluecrab

    MLF Experiment

    This is a two-fer experiment. I tried simultaneous inoculation of MLB with the yeast. I also tried inoculating one fermenter with just oak cubes that were present during last year's MLF. I've tried sequential inoculation and co-inoculation of MLB, in the past. This is the first year that I...
  15. bluecrab

    Cheaply testing so2

    I have an AO setup to test free SO2, but it is a hassle to use, so I don't test often. Today, I tested to see if Titrets are accurate enough for my purposes. I want to keep my SO2 between 0.5 mg/l molecular (minimum to protect red wine) and 2 mg/l molecular (sensory threshold of SO2). I tested...
  16. bluecrab

    How much SO2 is too much?

    There are more factors involved. Here is a little more information from the article. “8. SO2 and Temperature As temperature increases, free SO2 increases and bound SO2 decreases. (SO2 bound to acetaldehyde remains constant.) This is because increased temperatures cause partial dissociation of...
  17. bluecrab

    How to Prime a 3-Spout Bottle Filler

    As my winemaking volume increased, I stepped up to an Italian 3-spout bottle filler, like this one. I like it. On bottling day, Mrs. bluecrab runs the filler, while I cork. I can barely keep up. What I found odd, though, was the method the instructions gave to start the flow in the three...
  18. bluecrab

    How much SO2 is too much?

    I stumbled across some information today that I thought others might find useful. I think many of us have seen this chart for SO2 levels required to protect our wine, as a function of pH. The chart below shows red wine (0.5 mg/l molecular) and white wine (0.8 mg/l molecular). What I stumbled...
  19. bluecrab

    Bladder press question

    @JoP I have a smaller bladder press. After pressing, I lift the basket with mesh liner intact. I set the basket on top of a sanitized bucket and pry the liner from the basket. The grapes and liner fall into the bucket, where it’s easy to remove the rest of the grapes from the liner. Most of the...
  20. bluecrab

    Syrah/Primitivo Big Day

    @CDrew Did you mean to say 2.5 oz per five gallons? "MoreWine! recommends using: 2 to 2.5 ounces of oak cubes per 5 gallons of liquid wine (not must). More can always be added later, if needed." []