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    For Sale Crusher destemmer, press, assorted

    same side of the country at least lol +/- 8 hour trip... well maybe we can compare notes after this fall - I hope I use my press - bet I'll be wishing I had a crusher - but I only have so much room. Good luck!!!
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    For Sale Crusher destemmer, press, assorted

    thanks - congrats!! have you used the press or crusher yet?? where are you located? curious if you have any tips for my press i was going to try hard cider this fall - cheers
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    For Sale Crusher destemmer, press, assorted

    I'm close - 50 miles west of boston / worcester ma area - would love to see it in use.. I have a press - I bought 3 years ago still needs to be cleaned and used for the 1st time... by me that is. did you sell it yet>?
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    How much wine do you make?

    NICE - I just brought home a 27 gallon conical fermenter. - hope to try it out a few times this year. I jumped up like you started in 2017 / 2018 but only 1 batch less than 5g each til 2019 - 15 gallons then 2020 =16 total batches 2 were double = 84g and close to 185g in 22 batches in 2021-...
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    How much wine do you make?

    the amount varies greatly year to year. 22 batches (1 beer) in 2021 but almost 184 gallons highest ever more than double the year before.- some are still bulk aging in the carboys so far none in 2022 - but have a few big brews coming up. I got a bigger fermenter this year so I can brew fewer...
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    Wine duds— Do you dump or salvage?

    Time is the main factor before I'd ever even consider dumping!! Age does wonders. I had a hard cider that was horrid after a few months.. even after a year Meh kept adjusting and sweetening.. after 2 years it was awesome.. Also blends and fortified wines like u did with the skeeter pee. plum...
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    How to move 3 carboys into house and down into basement?

    I usually ferment on my 1st floor but age and bottle etc in my basement so have tried most of the options listed as but what is safest and easiest for me seems to the splitting method. I rack off primary into 2 5 gallon pails partially filled then move them to the carboy in its spot in...
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    Hope I Get Some Replies On This.

    Thanks for the update fsa46 ! - 20 Gallons nicely done!!!! - I have an 6g batch of SP going now - started on 3/19 OG 1.076 - rough start to ferment didn't' take off til the 23rd! I already added 3rd bottle on 24th :( before I read this post on 3/26 SG 1020. 4?s for you... 1. would you add...
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    back sweetening

    Stevia won't cause it to ferment - // I use stevia all the time in my coffee etc & I have made limoncello - and the difference from using a simple syrup with sugar vs stevia is night and day! Tastes smooth and sip-able with the sugar vs HOT and super strong alcohol with the stevia.. But here...
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    Anyone made wine from Hero brand "Nectars"?

    yes there was in this thread ... which is why I had asked for the update but I think there was too much cheap juice shaming :( so no one that actually liked or tried making it and there were a few ever commented again... anyway - My update is that it looks and smells great so far and is...
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    this combo will be my next batch YUM- I have separate 5g batches going of: pineapple and mango and peach but a blend of all 3 is coming soon! (wonder how it will change if I use peaches from my tree - pitted and frozen, mango from "mango nectar" and Pineapple from dole can pineapple - it's what...
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Yes - curious how it turns out I just started a pineapple wine and used coconut water - cuz I had some I wanted to use up - curious how if it will come through at all? - can't quite tell when you posted originally but - how did it turn out??? cheers :)
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    Step Feeding Protocol

    so to get the glucose - couldn't you make "invert sugar"? (2c:1c:2t - sugar:water:lemonjuice)?
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    What is your favorite skeeter pee variant?

    Use the concentrate like a back sweetener!!good idea
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    Kombucha SCOBY in lieu of EC-1118 or Primmer Rouge

    hi Sven I had a horrible time getting started began 1/10/20. make sure have temp higher & yeast activated and acclimated to booch when adding with yeast nutrient // racked 1/27 & 3/14 total volume 5G down to 4G after alot of lees and 2 rackings all homemade kombucha some already in 2f some...
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    Anyone made wine from Hero brand "Nectars"?

    Yes oscar I was almost gonna ask you not to Comment..but didnt want to be rude I understood your opinion! I was hoping for some comments that were from 1st hand experience using good or bad not just poo poo opinions.. Obviously I already bought the stuff and am committed and personally I like...
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    Kombucha SCOBY in lieu of EC-1118 or Primmer Rouge

    Interested ... I currently make all 3 probiotics. And have a batch of hard 2ndary now. Will see how that turns out .. I took kombucha added sugar to og of 1.04. +/- and added activated champagne yeast.. had a hard time starting..fermentation... Ps probably will kill ur grains or...
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    Anyone made wine from Hero brand "Nectars"?

    so do we have a recipe?? I just bought 20 Liters Of Jumex Mango Puree - ready to start lol I had seen some recipes that mixed skeeter peet with the mango and others that used bananas for added body?? looking for a recipe with the jumex nectar - anyone please :)