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    For Sale Vinmetrica SC-300 - used only few times

    Hey folks, I bought a Vinmetrica SC-300 about 4 years ago. I have barley used it. The reagentswere stored in a cool dark room and I still have a fair bit left in each bottle. I just find I don't have the time to do the testing on my batches. I've scaled back my wine making too. I can email you...
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    Considering the All-In-One pump...

    how much of a difference does this contraption make? Please let me know the advantages over more conventional siphoning.. This would cost me well over $300 (Canadian dollars) with shipping assuming they ship here.
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    Potassium sorbate

    Anyone bypass this? I've never added it. Just kmeta
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    your favorite ageing tannin?

    Hey folks, what's your favorite and why?
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    Other A medium/full bodied red decent drinking within 6 months?

    Hey folks, I'd like to make a decent red for my father-in-law. He like Cabs but would appreciate a good full-bodied Italian (style?) red. I've considered the mid-range priced reds from Vineco (about $150 in Canada). Can these reach their potential and be drunk by Christmas or sooner? Other...
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    De-gassing - wine whip?

    Are these recommended? I've never used them... I usually just stir vigorously for an extended period.
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    concerns about my OG SG readings...

    The initial SG reading was weird for both of my juices this evening. If I am reading it correctly, the Amarone was 1.048 and the Brunello 1.042. The Amarone was fizzing a bit from a vent at the top of the pail. Both are "fresh" juices not kits. It was stored in "below freezing" temp according to...
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    Making from Juice - do I still need to kill "native yeast"?

    Hey folks, I am supposed to pick up some Italian juice this weekend; an Amarone and a Brunello. These are packed in pails from Italy. I once made wine from juice but it was many years ago... I don't recall how I treated it. I usually make from fresh grapes and do the Ko2 pitch to kill native...
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    Fermentation heat belt recommendations?

    Hey folks, I ferment in a small room and thus far I have been able to get the temps up nicely with a Dyson heater. I've been told the belts are the way to go though... If I did go that route, what do you recommend? Should I get one with one of those digital temp readouts? Thanks!
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    Help with determining SG

    Here's the pre-fermentation and nearly the end of fermentation - please tell me what my numbers are and are they proper? The third pic is the beginning. Thanks!
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    Some tips for making a Brunello

    Hey folks, I am about to pick up some Brunello and Amarone from a local wine-making shop. I bought some BM4x4 yeast and some nutrient and yeast energizer. Couple of questions: 1. At what temp should I ferment the Brunello? Amarone? 2. What kind of fermentation should I expect? Slow to...
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    Too much TA added...

    Hey folks, I already knew this but I'm afraid I've added too much tartaric acid to a 2016 batch. I left it alone for a long time and tested it tonight hoping that time would have mellowed the acid.. guess not. The acid is overpowering any of the grape's characteristics... my wife said it...
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    Am I calculating this correctly (S02 with Vinmetrica)

    Hey folks, I have done these tests before but still pretty novice with the Vinmetrica. I am posting this b/c I am unsure if I got the right reading and/or did the correct calculation. I used a 5ml amount of So2 titrant solution, 25 ML of wine and 2 ml of So2 acid reagent - I believe I followed...
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    "over-innoculating" MLF?

    hey folks, I am about to innocuate just over 28 gallons of sangio for MLF Can i just divide the 2.5 gram package of bacteria which is actually for 66 gallons? Additionally is it possible to add too much nutrient (opti malo plus)?
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    Opti Malo Plus shelf life?

    How long does an unopened pack last stored at 67F for an entire year+ Is it still ok to use for an MLF? Thanks!
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    Stuck fermentation update

    Due to a record breaking heatwave, my fermentation stopped at 1004/1003. BM 4x4 is heat toleran to 82 - never paid attention to these facts b/c I live in Canada and I cannot recall temps in the 90s for 7 straight hit 94 twice the past few days.. So forum member recommended EC118 along...
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    Houston, we have a problem?!

    Hey folks, So I am pretty certain I have a stuck fermentation... the level you see below is where it has been at more or less since Thursday... Shoot! Now, those of you who followed my other recent post on yeast know that I had a bit of a shortage of yeast. I didn't buy as much as...
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    PH changed...odd

    This is only the second year i've used a proper PH instrument (Vinmetrica) and used tartaric acid to adjust... so I didn't know that PH can go back up after going down following a tartaric adjustment.. It went from 3.83 (initial) to a perfect 3.49 after tartaric addition (yesterday's reading)...
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    punch down

    How often do you folks punch? I do a morning mid Pm and before I got to bed... how vigorous are your punch downs?
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    Covering during primary fermentation?

    Do you folks cover your primary fermenter during fermentation? If so, what do you use if your fermenter doesn't come with dedicated cover/lid? Thanks!