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  1. CortneyD

    Dried Elderberry Alternative?

    Hi All! I've got enough blackberries to try a port recipe I've had my eye on. It calls for 5lbs Blackberries and 1/4 lb dried elderberries and 1/2 lb raisins for a gallon. I'm wondering if I could reasonably use dried blueberries? I haven't seen dried elderberries at any local stores, but I...
  2. CortneyD

    Anyone Oaked Rhubarb Wine?

    Hi All! I just got a 5 gallon batch of rhubarb going (have to make wine for all the black raspberries coming in right now!) and as I wrote before, we were happy with the last batch with this recipe, but I was hoping to get a bit more of a vanilla note/warmth to it. I have some American Oak chips...
  3. CortneyD

    Rhubarb Wine- Improving Overall Flavor

    Question for the rhubarb wine makers: my recipe is pretty generic (with the rhubarb volume upped by 20%) and yields good, very rhubarb-forward wine which I am happy with. I've traditionally used Red Star Cotes des Blancs yeast with the rhubarb and end up with something akin to a bright, punchy...
  4. CortneyD

    Apple Harvest- What to do?

    Hi All! I'm looking for a bit of input because it looks like (knock on wood) we are going to get a great apple harvest this year. Since I'm so new to wine making, apple wine isn't something I've made OR tasted yet. My husband and I really enjoy dry ciders and we have access to some...
  5. CortneyD

    Rhubarb Question

    I made my first batch of rhubarb wine with the Terry Garey recipe in her book in May 2021. 1 gallon water 2½ lbs. of sugar 3 lbs. rhubarb stalks, the redder the better, fresh or frozen 1 6 oz. can frozen white grape juice no acid blend 1/8 tsp. tannin 1 tsp. yeast nutrient 1 Campden tablet...
  6. CortneyD

    Oregon Winery Recommendations

    Do we do this here? Is this kosher? Just wondering if any of you have winery recommendations for the Willamette Valley area- Husband and I are trip planning and I always prefer first-person recs to guide books... anyone have some favorites? Thank you!
  7. CortneyD

    K-Meta Missing from Back Sweetened Batch

    I made my first big wine making whoopsie. :eek: I back sweetened a batch of Serviceberry wine and got distracted and didn't add the K-Meta. I know the risk here is that whatever yeast is in there will wake up, eat that sugar, and explode on me. Is my best bet to drink it quick? I did have a...
  8. CortneyD

    Raisin Sherry- Backsweeten?

    Hi All- I've got a batch of Christmassy Prune/Raisin Spiced Sherry that is just about ready for bottling. Its a recipe that's meant to be aged at least 3 years before drinking. I just tasted it and the flavors are good, its got good complexity and depth, but its obviously a little bit like jet...
  9. CortneyD

    Oak for Fruit

    Okay, I've read a bunch of threads on here about oaking- when to add, what to use, all that jazz, but I'm trying to figure out when/where/how oaking should be applied to fruit wines? I'm assuming I'll be oaking the wild grape batch I've got planned, just to help offset that acids in the skins...
  10. CortneyD

    Wild Grape No Water Added?

    We harvested some wild grapes from our neighbors last year. Its all frozen and in clusters and is not muscadine, just a standard wild type in northern WI, more seed than fruit TBH. The local homebrew shop owner suggested we make this without adding water to get the best flavor. Since I'm new and...
  11. CortneyD

    Primary Fermenter Sizes for Large Must Volumes

    I have a 6ish (possibly 7?) gallon FG bucket I was sold for primary fermenting 5 gallon batches. I started my first 5 gallon batch of fruit wine today and it became IMMEDIATELY obvious part way in that this container was far to small for 5 gallons of water and 19 lbs of fruit. Duh. I got about...
  12. CortneyD

    Blueberry Lavender

    Alright, I've found the thread on lavender wines and cold extraction, but I can't seem to find any specific recipes for a lavender-blueberry wine. I know I can tweak a blueberry recipe to add in the lavender, but how much/where would you start for a 1 gallon batch? I don't want it ending up...
  13. CortneyD

    Lees & Pomace

    So,what do y'all do with your leftover "stuff"? I've been just tossing it in the compost but we're looking to get some poultry and I'm wondering if any of it would be safe for ducks to nosh on? I'm assuming you'd have to leave the Pomace out to dry and evaporate out most of the alcohol. But I...
  14. CortneyD

    DIY Labels, not computer generated?

    Is anyone doing DIY labels without a computer and printer? I'd love to see examples! I've started doing mine this way as a) a "artistic" outlet and b) I get lost in rabbit holes of graphics and fonts and this prevents all that wasted time of making 14 different iterations of one label. I had the...
  15. CortneyD

    Organization (Recipes and Notes)

    Hi! Just curious how y'all manage your recipes and notes and keep track of where batches are at? I started with a binder full of notes and hand written recipes and quickly moved on to a less arduous set up. I've cobbled together a way that works for me that's half old-school (3x5 cards tied to...
  16. CortneyD

    Howdy from WI

    Hi Everyone! I'm Cortney and I've been wine making for just shy of a year now in northern Wiscons. I started wine making as a way to use up the accumulating fruit in the freezer- lots of black raspberries, cultivated raspberries, rhubarb, blackberries and serviceberries. I'm big into...