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  1. crushday


    This will solve your problem: Tri-Clamp Elbow (90 Degree) You'll want to add more hose or more stainless on the end so that it actually "hooks" over the edge of your tank. Like this: Tri-Clamp to Barbed Hose End
  2. crushday

    Other To Much Yeast?

    Adding more yeast than the recommended dosage does no more than helping the colony get established faster. It has no affect on the finished alcohol production, per say, as the production of alcohol is directly correlated to the amount of sugar in the must, which the yeast consume. Two...
  3. crushday

    Other red wine kits poll

    Done correctly, PV is a magnificent wine and stands handsomely as a 100% varietal. I have no idea what a kit would taste like, but PV made from grapes is great as a blender too.
  4. crushday

    Rose from Grenache?

    Cheating? Not in the least. Unless you consider blending wines to be cheating. @NorCal is in no way advocating the use of a color additive, et al mega purple, but “color” from the Grenache skins from a side batch left in maceration longer.
  5. crushday

    Rose from Grenache?

    +1 @NorCal !!
  6. crushday

    Crushing setup and free-run juice

    The crusher is going to slip all over the plastic surface of the cooler. I would run a strap and fix it down a bit... There is a big difference between free run and pressed juice. FR isn't going to have most of the tannins and phenols from the skins and seeds that pressed will. If it were...
  7. crushday

    .996 ???

    @blazer Your winemaking journey is in good hands here. This site is replete with exceptional individuals who are kind, generous and passionate about the craft. +1 @winemaker81
  8. crushday

    No fermenting going on...I think

    +1 on everything @ChuckD said. I would not get in too big of a hurry to rack the wine again. On another note, the strawberry wine would likely benefit from back sweetening - menaing, adding back a simple syrup to taste. You'll want to add sorbate to prevent fermentation from kicking off...
  9. crushday

    No fermenting going on...I think

    Congratulations. It won't be long and you'll be drinking Strawberry wine and watching leaves compile on the ground.
  10. crushday

    What R you doing today?

    Mike, I absolutely LOVE that label! Very nice!!
  11. crushday

    No fermenting going on...I think

    I would definitely add yeast again, as a starter. Not a starter of only warm water and yeast. Add sugar and make sure that’s going before adding to the batch. Perhaps your previous yeast was no longer viable. And, there’s no harm adding WAY MORE yeast than 5g - I wouldn’t hesitate adding...
  12. crushday

    No fermenting going on...I think

    Actually, 32 hours isn't long enough to see much in the way of activity. Add 40 more hours and you'll be in business. Patience friend!
  13. crushday

    What R you doing today?

    Mike, thanks for the compliment. Although my design skills are better than average, my spelling skills need immediate attention. Three misspelled words raise these labeled bottles to novelty status and contain the distribution to family and closest friends. Hope you're well and enjoying...
  14. crushday

    What R you doing today?

    Just bottled the 2022 Limoncello. Got 12 bottles.
  15. crushday

    Other Reusing Oak Cubes (FWK)

  16. crushday

    Nice Father's Day article on wine

    Paul, sounds like our fathers could have been bar mates. Not sure if you’re a father or not. If so, Happy Father’s Day. My own father taught me to make decisions based on a simple comparative consideration: what would my father do? I’d figure that out and do the exact opposite. THAT has...
  17. crushday

    Post your labels here

    I'll be bottling this wine in December 2022 or January 2023.
  18. crushday

    Post a photo, any photo

    Wow. That is a HUGE Cottowood tree!
  19. crushday

    Demijohns--What kind of wine?

    @DemiJane Please tell us more about what you're planning. This site is an AMAZING resource and you'll find an enthusiastic willingness to provide help. Bryan and Fred, @winemaker81 @mainshipfred are a few of the more skilled and experienced on this site. Are you currently making wine...
  20. crushday

    Demijohns--What kind of wine?

    I might be VERY wrong on this, but I don't think demijohns are suited for a particular style or variety of wine (red or white). They are simply a glass container used for all styles, varieties and colors of wine. I use them for all types.