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    Haze in Chardonnay

    Yes mine went through mlf too and was Oaked in barrel for a few months. I did try the cold stabilizing but haze remains.
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    Haze in Chardonnay

    Sorry yea it's from a juice bucket. It was a problem from the day I received it. I purchase 3 buckets. They were labeled as fresh but we're about 65% fermented, smelled weird and were brownish. The place I bought them from was about 2 hours away and refused to do anything about it. Anyways...
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    Haze in Chardonnay

    Chardonnay has a haze to it. It has been bulk aging for about 6 months, about 2 weeks ago I cold stabilized. I used super kleer yesterday and am going to give that a little time to work. Some stuff dropped out and the wine definitely smells/tastes better but the haze seems unaffected...
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    Super Kleer still ok?

    Btw the kiesesol is milky white mostly liquid but it feels like there is sand in it now? Is this normal?
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    Super Kleer still ok?

    I purchased super Kleer about a year ago. Does it go bad? Also it was left in my barn in ny with a pretty cold winter. Will it be a problem?
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    Wine sulfur smell

    I have a wine I made about a year ago. Learned my lesson about adding nutrient because I got the sulfur smell. I treated multiple times w reduless but it was too far gone. I still have the wine and am wondering what to do with it. I have about 7 gallons w sulfur smell. I have a separate...
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    Fresh Juice

    I have not had good experiences with the pails of juice. They have usually been far down the road of fermentation with God knows what yeast and the wines have tasted funky in the end. Next time I do a white I will get fresh grapes like I do for reds. However if I had to choose between a pail...
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    Malolactic in barrel

    I agree check the mlf you are using but my experience is mlf needs a temp of around 70 (in us so don't know fancy Celsius). I've tried even a little cooler and it was unbearably slow. Also if you don't know nice you mlf in the barrel you will be stuck w mlf ing w the same strain each time in...
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    Cold stabilization optimum temp

    I have read a lot of people cold stabilize at 20-25 degrees for a couple weeks. I also read professional wineries do it at around 5 degrees. I have a freezer that my carboy fits in and a temp controller. I can get down to the 5 degrees but feel the wine would freeze? Anyone have a...
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    Emptying and refilling wine barrel

    I'm emptying my wine barrel for first time and refilling it. Is it as simple as emptying and refilling. I'm guessing it needs to be cleaned out in between. Anyone have a link or any advice on how to do this?
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    Malo in barrel

    I'm planning on pressing my cab this week and soon starting mlf. I have another batch of wine I really want to get out of the barrel as its already over Oaked. Anyone do mlf in barrel? I understand it may mean I can only use that strain of malo bacteria in that barrel in the future. I'm fine...
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    Make sure you are keeping the wine at the correct temp and run your chromatography in a few weeks. You should see some activity there. You don't always get noticeable activity with mlf.
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    uow to decide which wine juice to go through MLF

    If it's red I put it through mlf or if it's a Chardonnay it can be put through mlf. Everything is personal preference but I think most people would agree with the above.
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    Juice buckets without yeast

    Does anyone know any place to get juice buckets not already inoculated with yeast. Each one i have bought is already well into fermentation. I even tried banging it with so2 so I could inoculate w my own yeast but it was too far along. I want to by a red Cabernet juice and add it to my must...
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    Fermaid k, still need dap

    I added 12 g of fermaid k to my sauv blanc juice to aid fermentation. I plan on adding another 12 g as the fermentation nears completion. Last year i also added diammonium phosphate but noticed I don't have any this year. Do I still need to add dap w fermaid? Basically don't want to make the...
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    Malo in barrel

    Yea is that the only option to blend?
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    Malo in barrel

    Thx but it was already bottled. I was thinking of just leaving it as is until the new cab is ready for the barrel. Than I'll leave the merlot in a demijohn and hope some of the oak taste leaves. Is there anything that can be done when a wine is over Oaked?
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    Malo in barrel

    Can anyone help me out with this problem? I have a 15 gal barrel that has been used twice. First I put a cab in the fresh barrel for a couple months. Now I have a Merlot in it. The Merlot has been in about 8 months and is getting really oaky. I would have already taken it out but don't...
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    Soil sample results in

    I'm building a small vineyard in New york, about 2 hours north of NYC. We have humid summers and cold winters, so I think I'm limited to french hybrids as vinifera won't survive? Anyways since my dad works in agriculture and gets free soil samples I had this done for my yard. Here are the...
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    Building first trellis

    I live in upstate NY about 2 hours north of NYC. As such the climate is humid in summers and cold and snowy in winters. Anyways I'm building my first grape trellis and I plan on planting chardonelle grapes. I purchased pressure treated 4 x 4 wood end posts. They are 8 footers. I used a...