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    high ph and high TA

    My cab sauv./merlot/franc blend is in the barrel as of Halloween. I checked the TA (8/8.5) and PH (3.75/3.8) and both are high. Any suggestions on adjustments? It is kept in a steady 55 degree cellar. From everything I have read it is tough to bring the TA down without raising an already high PH.
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    15 Gallon Plastic Carboy

    I went to a homebrew shop to see if they had anything larger than a 6 gal. carboy I could use to rack about 40 gallons of wine into. The guy said a lot of people come and buy their used malt carboys, clean and rinse them well and have no problems. I am leery of using anything that held another...
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    Stuck at 7 Brix

    I fermented 25 gallons of Merlot must and everything was cooking along great but when it got to 7 Brix it slowed to a suggish halt. I reintroduced a couple gallons of freshly fermented must, put in some energizer and things cranked back up. Now it has reached 7 to 6 Brix again and slowed down to...