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    storing wine upright or on the side?

    I looked back a little and couldnt find anything specific on this. Does it matter whether you keep your wine upright or on the side (like you see with wine racks)? My main thought is if I kept them upright will it somehow compromise the cork? thanks
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    WineXpert Blueberry pinot noir SG to secondary?

    Hello, Well I am at it again with these SG. I am doing the blueberry pinot noir wine xpert island mist kit and want to make sure I am on the right track. I started it last thursday evening in the primary fermenter and checked it today, monday, and the SG is 1.000 the directions say to change...
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    Strawberry wine and starting SG 1.1? is this okay?

    Well I am back and just started my next batch-strawberry wine. I hope I did okay with the ingredients here is what i did. This is based off a recipe I found online. 12#strawberry 8 # sugar 2 tablespoons citric acid added water to 3 gallons total Well I am a goof ball and didnt add sugar...
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    Hi, I am a amateur winemaker from Edwardsville, IL. (St. Louis) I really have enjoyed reading the informative posts on this forum and have already received some help in my "wine crisis". I just bottled my first batch of wine a while ago. It is Apple wine that seems to have quite the punch to...