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    bottling wines

    When we go to bottle our wines, both Red and Whites. They are ready to be bottled. should we add anything before bottling?
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    We have a wine in the carboy that is 9 months old. Fermintation stopped months ago and when we racked it today it had a carbination taste to it. any ideas why? i know its young.
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    which yeast to use?

    We just ordered our spring juice buckets. We ordered a Chardonnay. and a Carmenere. we have always used a generic yeast, what do you prefer for these 2?
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    Yeast selection

    How much effect will the choice of yeast have on the taste of wine? we use juice buckets.
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    adding juice

    We made a couple wines from juice buckets and my wife was not real happy with them. so we added both back to carboy and added sinple syrup to sweeten them and now much better. has anyone added frozen fruit juice to there wines? if so how did you go about this.?
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    juice buckets

    latley ive been having issues with wine sediment in my bottles after bottling. wine has sat in carboys for 12-18 months. was wondering if when doing the juice buckets if anyone has added bentonite in the begining? reason i ask is i have heard it can be used for slearing wines.
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    I have a zin royal that i would like to add fruit flavoring, such as blackberry or maybe blueberry, without starting fermintation over. what methods may i try? i see where you can buy small bottles of flavoring. or larger cans of fruit base. i have 6 gallon of wine.
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    After 5 years of wine making, we are noticing stains on the inside of our glass. anyone have ideas of cleaning these?
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    wine from juice buckets

    We,ve been making wine from juice buckets, and all we,ve been doing is adding yeast for fermintation. then when S/G gets to o.990 or less we add sorbate to stop fermintation. they say these are balanced buckets. Is there anything else to check before or during the process?
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    wine glass

    Looking for the small sample portion wine glasses that you get when you go to a wine tasting at a winery>
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    We have made many wines from the juice buckets. what i would like to do is try and flavor one with fresh fruit. Maybe after ferminting take 3 gallons into a glass carboy and adding fresh fruit, if so how much fruit do you think i would need. or the other thought was just adding during the...
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    wine labeling

    When you buy a bottle of wine and it has a 2013 date is that when it was bottled, or fermentaion.?
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    I just went to open one of our Red wines and noticed sediment in the bottom of the bottle. the wine was degassed and aged in carboy for prob 4-5 months b4 bottling. Sorry this wine has been in the bottle for 6-8 months. Juice buckets
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    i have 6 gallons of Petiet Sirah would like to bottle 3 gallons and take the other 3 and add blackberries any idea as to how i should do this
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    bulk aging

    When bulk aging in a carboy is it better to leave airlock on, or a stopper?
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    juice buckets

    when making wine from the fresh juice buckets, after ferminting is complete how long should you wait to bottle of racking? assuming you have already racked a few times to clear the sediment on the bottom. also if wine has sat in the carboy for 8 months and you have racked a few times should...
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    Spring wine list

    We just received our spring wine list, can someone tell me more about a couple of these? 1) Viognier (WHITE) 2) Thompson seedless (WHITE) 3) Barbera (RED) Like Dry or Sweet? or any other info
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    juice buckets

    After bottling wine from juice buckets, what is the shelf life of the wine?
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    french oak chips

    i have a red wine that iam about to bottle i have a idea, wife and i went to local wine tasting and sampled a red wine that was aged in bourbon oak barrells and it was very good. thinking i can soak some oak chips soak in bourbon for a day or two and take a gallon of wine and let it soak in...
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    Other island mist

    Started a island mist(exotic fruit) today, added roughly 3 lbs of sugar, starting SG 1.050 after sugar added 1.062. abv started 6.5% after sugar 7.75%