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    For Sale 80 Gal - 300 Liter Stainless Floating Lid Tanks

    I have probably 4 of these more than I need. Keep having to move them when I am either doing Crush or Press, etc. so they are at front of thought currently. Believe they are Lannox or something like that. They are complete with Floating Lid, Pump & Hose for Lid, Tri-Clover fittings, Ball Valve...
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    Any deals on Cellar Craft Amarone Showcase Kits?

    I usually make 2 of these every year to insure I have a few for gifts and plenty to drink that are 2~ 4years old. I am not seeing them discounted this year like normal. I have done the obvious Google searches, Amazone, etc. Anyone seeing any really good deals? Last year I found free shipping, so...
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    Italian vs Portugese Floor Corker

    Just sold a few of my excess Stainless Steel Beer kegs, so looking for a good floor corker. Already have a used/old Portuguese that leaves some mild creases in the cork, but works ok on real corks, but does not work well with synthetics. No problem paying a little more for quality as may be...
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    Half Barrel - Stainless Keg Carboy

    I purchased a personal winery recently and in the inventory were stainless beer kegs with the tap stem removed. Have bung with bubbler for each. This would hold 15.5 gallons or a little over 58 liters. All clean and ready for use as a "little larger" secondary. Will not ship. Located northeast...
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    Floor Corker - Parts?

    Recently purchased quite a bit of used equipment. In the batch was a floor corker. Green, says Portugal, but instructions on it are in French. Drove a few corks in some spare bottles, filled with water with some old corks. Looked good, didn't leak. All good. Last week, decided to bottle...
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    Brewers - Swing Top Bottles - Houston, TX Area

    Got these in a deal for some other equipment and do not use this type. All are clean and 95% have no labels. 23 - One liter (15 clear + 8 various colors not in picture) 15 - ~500 ml Fischer Amber 20 - 15.2 oz Grolsch green $50 - All or none (might consider some trade for 375 ml wine...
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    Stuck ferment - Dragon Blood

    Stuck ferment? - Dragon Blood Pretty much followed the DB recipe, but did have quite a bit of grape juice from some Spanish grapes and Mustangs. Added sugar to get SG to 1.082. Yeast used was Red Star Premier Cuvee (what I had). Had very active ferment at the start. SG is now 1.01 and has not...