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  1. Brent2489

    WineXpert How much time do you spend making one kit wine?

    Time for tasks in order (longest to shortest) - Waiting - Cleaning - Bottling - Racking - Start Kit
  2. Brent2489

    Limited wine storage space what do you do?

    HA!!! This is an easy one. Just drink faster. No really. In my wine area i built a cabinet that will store about 150 bottles of my wine and about 200 bottles of other wine. This room is on the lowest level of the house (not under ground) and stays at about 75 in the summer and 65 in the winter.
  3. Brent2489

    How much wine do you drink??

    I only drink one glass per day......... glass just happens to hold 750ml :h
  4. Brent2489

    What was the first wine you made?

    Wine Expert Merlot. Bought beginners kit for wine making and got $20 discount on the WE kit. As we pulled away from the store, my wife looked at me and said "You will never make a good wine." I think that over the past 3-4 years she has eaten (drunk?!?!) her words quite often. :ib
  5. Brent2489

    How To Make Sparkling Wine.

    OMG, that seems like way too much work! I think i will just jump in the car and drive the 2miles to the store and buy the sparkling wine.
  6. Brent2489

    rebar bent for grapevines

    Just make sure to post pictures. It never happened if there were no pix!!! :slp
  7. Brent2489

    Dumb bottling question

    Hmmm Never heard about 'cold filtering' wine before!! Did you get this idea from the beer mfg??
  8. Brent2489

    Brown Recluse Spider Bite??????

    Better get it taken care of!!!
  9. Brent2489

    NW PA Wine Party

    Arghhhh! Ill be in Buffalo /Rochester the w-end before!!
  10. Brent2489

    Problems with airlocks

    Don't sweat it. It doesn't matter where the liquid is as long as air can't get past the liquid. Only problem would be if you did not have enough liquid and air was allowed to leak past the liquid barrier.
  11. Brent2489

    Easy Bottling Day

    Where did you get those crates?? What size are they??
  12. Brent2489

    Storing carboys

    For Storage: Clean Rinse with K-Meta Dry upside down 1/2" - 1" K-Meta Airlock with K-Meta Before using: Dump K-Meta Rinse with more K-Meta Fill with good stuff :D Somehow they don't seem to stay empty for long!!!
  13. Brent2489

    Frozen Chilean Juice

    INSTRUCTIONS??? I have been getting fresh juice in Oct (California) and May (Chile) from the LHBS for the past 2 years. The only instruction I ever got was: "Don't spill the juice on the carpet of your Ford Explorer." Last couple of times I have borrowed a pickup truck. Much less worry...
  14. Brent2489


    Once you upgrade to a floor corker you will wonder how you ever managed to bottle with that horrible 2 handled contraption!!
  15. Brent2489

    PH Meters

    I think that you can buy almost ANY clone on E-Bay!!! Been thinking about PH and maybe will buy one of these.
  16. Brent2489

    MM Chili Fresco Line

    Bottles and in the rack. Having a bottle every couple of weeks. Tastes GREAT!!!!!
  17. Brent2489

    Hello from PA

    +1 Pete's comment
  18. Brent2489

    Mosti Mondiale Impressions

    Not to bad...................... 9:30AM 10AM................... Bubbling along happily
  19. Brent2489

    Mosti Mondiale Impressions

    Just back from trip to Albany, NY and can see that I will not have a good morning tomorrow when I attempt to rack this.
  20. Brent2489

    Mosti Mondiale Impressions