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    Good wine supply stores in SF Bay?

    I live in a rural area about 4 hours from San Francisco and I'm hoping to replenish my yeast and additive supplies and maybe pick up a kit or two if I have the chance to visit the city. Are there any winemaking supply stores in particular you recommend? My apologies for the extra word "stores"...
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    Ossia yeast.

    I am an amateur home winemaker and heard about this organic yeast. I would be grateful for any input that might be offered regarding special nutritional needs or things I would need to watch for. Would Ossia be a good all-purpose replacement for EC-1118? Many thanks in advance.
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    Boilo recipe?

    Yes I know there is no "official" recipe for boilo. :D I feel inspired to make it this year for holiday gifts, something a bit different for family and friends here on the West Coast. I don't know if my tweaked Naughty Merlot will be ready this year so I'm formulating a backup plan. Many...
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    WineXpert Tweaking Island Mist Naughty Merlot

    I bought an Island Mist Naughty Merlot kit about 2 years ago. Time flew by and yesterday I found the kit again, tucked in a dry, dark corner of my storage room. I also found a 44 ounce can of Sun Country Merlot concentrate. Not wanting to waste them, I decided to forge ahead and make the kit...
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    Liquor suggestions for eggnog

    In addition to wine, I make homemade eggnog. I use Alton Brown's recipe which calls for a cup each of rum, bourbon and brandy (or cognac). In the past, I have used Whalers dark rum, Ancient Age whiskey and Hiram Walker brandy. These brands are nice enough but this year I would like to buy...
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    From "decent" to "make this again"

    About 4 months ago I made 1 Gallon kits of Master Vintner Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, 1 of each. My intention was to blend the two and I wanted to figure out the right ratio before committing to larger kits. The wines blended nicely but nothing that encouraged me to make more. Until...I...
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    Best vanilla based root beer extract?

    I'm planning to make some homemade root beer from extract and also considering making a wine cooler or mead. There is a huge selection of brands available and I would like to narrow the field a bit. I prefer vanilla based root beer flavor over wintergreen, smooth over sharp. Is there a brand you...
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    Pink camo wine labels?

    I would like to create a professional looking wine label with a pink camo design. Google and Bing searches have met with no success. Water bottle labels are too narrow and don't allow space for much information. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance. :h
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    WineXpert Topping up Mezza Luna Red

    I will be bulk ageing a Mezza Luna Red and will need to top up. The vendor said "Just guess" when I asked what wine would be best to use. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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    Alexander Burgundy and Merlot

    I have one can each of the Burgundy and Merlot concentrates. I am wondering if they could be used as a substitute for red grape concentrate. Or would they be a good blend? If I choose to make a blended wine, should I make each separately then blend? Or mix the concentrates in primary...
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    Other OB Sunshine Sensation

    Has anyone made the Orchard Breezin' Citrus Sunshine and is it something you would make again? The idea of a grapefruit forward wine cooler appeals to me.
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    Simple Pear Wine Recipe from Juice?

    I have an abundance of Asian pears this year so I am thinking about running them through a juicer. Would anyone be willing to share a simple tried-and-true recipe for wine made from fresh pear juice? If I am lucky I will have about 2 gallons of juice. Thanks in advance!
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    Gotta read the small print LOL...

    Since last September, I have been looking forward to entering some Dragon's Blood and some of my homemade liqueurs in the local county fair this year. Printed the entry forms Sunday August 7 to turn in during the week. That is when I found out the deadline was...Saturday, August 6. At least...
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    Winemaking has taught me...

    I have learned a few things from winemaking in the past year or particular order... I learn something new with every batch. Being creative is fun. :db Wine doesn't always turn out as planned. That's where creativity comes in. :h Time may or may not fix it. Sometimes "good...
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    WineXpert Spicing a Merlot Kit?

    I have enjoyed the Merlot Ho Ho kit wine so much I am thinking about infusing a Merlot kit with mulling spices. I have a box of Martinelli brand mulling spice bags (sachets?) which are intended for mulling cider. There are 20 of them in the box. If I make this, I plan to add the spice bags...
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    Reversed steps--how to proceed?

    I stabilized my SP too soon and also added the Sparkolloid too soon...I misread the SP is stable at 1.02 and it is still cloudy. Should I dose it with some Super Kleer then backsweeten? Or just backsweeten it and make the next batch properly? I don't mind the cloudiness. This...
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    Stabilized too soon--is it OK?

    I am making my first batch of SP and misread the instructions. I accidentally added the Kmeta, the sorbate and the Sparkolloid at 1.010 instead of .999. I imagine this batch will be cloudy and rather sweet, not requiring backsweetening. Is there anything I need to do to correct all this...
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    Nectar of the Gods Kit

    Homebrew Heaven offers a mead making kit called Nectar of the Gods. It looks like a good starter kit to me. If you have used this kit, would you recommend it, or would you say not to spend my money on it? Thanks in advance!
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    Vintners Harvest Blood Orange

    Is anyone using this fruit base? Is this just a seasonal item? I am thinking of using this in a batch of Skeeter Pee or Dragon Blood.
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    WineXpert Island Mist Naughty Merlot or Nice Pinot Grigio

    These sound intriguing. Is anyone planning to buy either of these? I'm wondering if the Naughty Merlot will be as good or better than the Merlot HoHo. The Nice Pinot Grigio sounds delicious too.