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    Still Here

    HI. been missing ya.
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    Started my Second Batch Of Wine

    malweth, Thanks for the info. Very interesting.
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    Started my Second Batch Of Wine

    Washuphere? Illegal gooseberries. Please explain why to this dumb Kansas boy. Brad
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    Home made bottle tree plans? Anyone?

    All of my bottle work is preformed in our kitchen. With the sink right by the dishwasher, I just use the empty dishwasher for my draining. I haven't counted how many bottles I can stuff in there but generally I wait and do 75-100 bottles at a setting ( Yes I sit my lazy butt on a stool). I don't...
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    Hello from Maine

    Howdy. I had a blackberry that didn't have quite the flavor I wanted so after stabilizing, I took two Jars of Blackberry preserves, Dissolved them in a little hot water in a sauce pan. I filtered the seeds out, let it cool and added it for a F-pack. I got just the taste I was looking for. I...
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    wine cooler

    I would consider applying rigid foam to all non vented surfaces to save on energy and to keep prying eyes off. Brad
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    My New Medicine Cabinet

    Something I don't believe I have ever said and I know I have never written OMG.
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    Skittle wine fermenting again

    I remember reading here about making wine out of candy canes last Christmas. So now I am thinking about Root Beer Barrels. Brad
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    Elderflower is kind of Blaaa

    Thanks. I actually used two (compressed) liters in each of two 5 gallon batches. I was afraid that I used a little too much for these two.
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    Elderflower is kind of Blaaa

    yeah I kind of thought that 2 ltr. seemed kind of light myself. I followed Lucs recipe to a Tee. I processed enough flower to fill a primary and now wished I had.
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    old pee

    Hey Girl. Old Pee. I can't wait to see your label. Brad
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    Elderflower is kind of Blaaa

    Howdy all. I have ten gallons of Elderflower sitting in a couple of carboys clearing. It was started on 6/13/10. I used 2 liters of blossoms, 1 pound of golden raisins and 9.3 lbs of sugar in each of two primaries. The chems. were as follows 5 campten tabs,1 tsp acid blend,5 tsp nutrient...
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    Happy Valley Cider Presses

    Kansas did you say Kansas? That isn't a word you see very often on this site.
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    Leanne & Troy?

    I got an email from him last week. But when I replied to it he wrote back that it was a mistake, a forward of a spam of junk mail. It was for Viagra and Cialis. No joke I am dead serious. Brad I hope this don't tee him off.
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    I have too many ( insert mad obsession here)!

    My wife has too many house plants. Spent all of yesterday cleaning and moving plants back in for the winter. Four of them weigh in at about 300-350 pounds and some of them are almost seven feet tall. We are only half done and both of our backs are killing us. Even with a good two wheeler it is...