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    Damn gophers!

    My neighbor uses rat traps baited with peanut butter, works great
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    Old vines and not a clue

    You can save it you just have to cut about 90% of it off. I saved my neighbors 17 year old vine after he ignored it for ever. He was shocked and I think a little upset over how much I cut. Next year he had the biggest crop ever. Good luck.
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    Just got diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux

    So I went for allergy testing and found out I don’t have allergies but do have gastroesophageal reflux. So no wine for me till I heal up, bummer, plus no chocolate, fatty foods and no more large meals. The doc said I should be ok by harvest time. Today was the fifth doctor visit for this issue...
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    Post your clusters

    Very nice, how is the acid profile of your Marquett? And, have you made wine from the Itasca?
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    H2S during MLF?

    There are products on most online brew and winemaking Stores that sell fermentation nutrients, if your not sure call and ask one of the stores. It’s cheap and easy.
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    Cab Franc vines dead

    The vineyard I used to pick my grapes from just south of Madison wi, is in the process of removing all their petite pearl due to lack of productivity in their somewhat clayish soil putting in Marquette instead.
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    Kit wine has leaked a little in Retail box

    I would want a new one.
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    Spray schedule info required

    After going nuts worrying about diseases on my Marquette grapes I almost killed them last week with fungicid. a couple days ago I visited 8 Marquette plants I planted 7 years ago at my old house and with no spray or care they were very healthy. The new homeowners don’t do anything to them. So I...
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    H2S during MLF?

    You could try Avante yeast, it does not produce h2s at all.
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    Hybrid Cordon Length

    Me too, I think Marquette would be better at 10 as they are very vigorous too late now tho
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    Post a photo, any photo

    Here’s my wine making room. It’s in my woodworking shop so I’m always battling dust. The exterior walls are double stud and the inside walls are just single stud and the ceiling is r60. The slab is insulated on the perimeter so the bulk of the slab stays cool all year. I do have a small a/c unit...
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    Phostrol fungicide for downy mildew nightmare

    Here’s the math I used to calculate the amount to mix with water
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    WE vs RJS

    So what’s so good about super Tuscan? Smooth tannins, easy acid, great mouthfeel, good flavor? I see so much about it on the forum but no actual description.
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    Increasing sun exposure

    How about placing crushed white limestone rock underneath the plants
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    Phostrol fungicide for downy mildew nightmare

    Just figured it out, I used .05 instead of .005. On the bright side i don't have much leaf pulling to now.