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    RJ Spagnols Sauvignon Blanc

    Try the RJS Cru International Ontario Sauvignon Blanc. Substitute the EC-1118 with QA23. The QA23 really enhances the citrus notes.
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    making labels

    Monty, I get label material from too, and use Microsoft Visio for the designing. The OL500 are 4"x3" (6 labels per sheet) The WG option is White Glossy for Inkjet (100 sheets for $50) The WI option is White Glossy Weatherproof (100 sheets for $100) WI is twice the price, but...
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    RJ Spagnols RJS EP Super Tuscan

    DOAH! You all are all correct; that is way too much for a 23L kit. My standard batch for the winery is 4 kits (to fill a 100L tank). This is when I use 32 grams total (8 grams per 23L). Thank you for the correction.
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    RJ Spagnols RJS EP Super Tuscan

    I have four Super Tuscan to ferment and plan on using BM4x4 on it. My first experience using BM4x4 was with RJS Winemakers Trio Red (Cab Sauv/Syrah/Zinfandel). It turned out really great. I use to do nutrient additions at the beginning and then 1/3 depletion. This has changed to performing...
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    Airlock issues

    That is a good modifier.
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    Airlock issues

    There is a lot of CO2 generated during the hard fermentation. So, imagine all that CO2 trying to get out of that tiny hole of the airlock. This is why you get the big blow-out. As suggested earlier, perform the hard fermentation in a food-grade bucket. Some like to place a towel over the bucket...
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    Tennerra Winery is our new name (name change due trademark problem)

    Tennerra Winery is our new name (name change due trademark problem)
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    First time making beer, need some advice

    Being a home brewer, I have a few pieces of advice: 1. I always said that beer brewers make great winemakers because they understand the importance of sanitizing. Wine is more forgiving than beer when it comes to this. The malt is a real feast for bacteria, spores, etc. So, make sure everything...
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    Yeast for sale 5 gram packages (CLOS, D254, D21, R2, W15 and CROSS EVOLUTION)

    These yeasts have been re-packaged from a 500 gram bag in order to make available to the consumer some fine professional wine yeasts. They are being sold in quantities of 5 for $10 which includes shipping within the contiguous United States. Here is what I have available: Lalvin CLOS...
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    Has anyone used Tannin additives?

    I bought some fermentation tannin from Scott Labs and used it in my Old Vine Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Now, I 'm thinking of using a finishing tannin. This is my first venture into the subject. Does anyone have experience using them?
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    Where to Buy Grapes in Michigan

    There are really only three places in the Detroit area to get grapes: Macomb Vintner Supply (Sterling Heights), California Wine Grape Company (Southwest Detroit) and Ventimiglia Market (Sterling Heights). Some people in the Detroit area opt to go to Canada (Windsor) for grapes from Borrelli's...
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    New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Atmosphere or Eclipse?

    I have been making the RJ Spagnols Cru International Ontario Sauvignon Blanc. QA23 and cutting it off at 1.005 makes for slightly sweet with grapefruit undertones.
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    I made wine!!! Now a bottling question...

    Congratulations on a successful batch of wine! Hand corkers are great for doing a small batch. Seeing that you had a great experience with your first wine, human nature says you will get the bug and start making more batches. As you ramp up production, a floor corker is an indispensable...
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    Have You watched "Bottle Shock"

    My favorite scene is when Mr. Garcia says, "I should have sold my grapes to Gallo". Then Gustavo tastes the wine and says, "taste this, then tell me you'd sell those grapes to Gallo" ...freakin' awesome scene! How about when Alan Rickman tries the guacomole for the first time?