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    Removing wine stains from carboy

    For years I have used denture cleaner tablets with success to remove wine stains from bottles. One tablet per bottle but you likely would need more for the carboys.
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    Plastic equipment

    Thanks for your replies. I will continue to replace my plastics regularly and I only use glass carboys.
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    Plastic equipment

    Years ago I heard that plastic equipment should be replaced regularly because it can absorb odors etc. that cannot be removed by sanitizing. I have followed this advise but would like to hear this forums input.
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    Welcome Mikal, I have only joined this forum a short while ago and have learned many helpful things from the experts here.
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    Post a photo, any photo

    Some time ago a fellow posted a video showing how to make a carboy dryer stand. I made one and I want him to know it works great . Thank you for this time saving and convenient idea. Love this forum.
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    I have three yard sale carboys I filled with corks, my wife said "no more" so now I garbage them . The kindling idea intrigues me so will try that now.
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    Buon Vino filtration system -- best practices

    My local dealer sells only loose unpackaged filter pads which I believe are not Buon Vino brand. I find they leak a lot more , sometimes more than a litre. I now buy Buon Vino pads in another town. Travel restrictions have just lifted and now I can replenish my supply.
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    Bottling time question

    I had this problem with a floor corker and after many adjustments that did not resolve the issue I chucked it and bought a new one ....problem solved . The wine store guy said they can't be fixed satisfactorily and it's best to replace it
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    Sizing is ok, temp was 68 though and I never considered my hydrometer may be incorrect. Thanks for this.
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    It's a kit. Vieux Chateau Du Roi by Cru International. Regardless of type or brand I seldom reach 1.080 sg. I am satisfied with 10-11 % alcohol but am curious.
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    ok thanks
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    Despite stirring vigoriously for several minutes my starting sg was 1.074 which is about average for me. Any suggestions?
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    Hello from eastern Canada