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    How to reduce bitterness in wine

    Glycerin is good. It doesn't remove any bitterness or acid, but it can disguise it and make it taste smoother. It adds a bit of body too.
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    Corks not going into bottle all the way

    Strange though it may seem, I read a tip in one of my old winemaking books recently. For what it's worth? I'll pass it on. Don't forget to hang a piece of string over the neck of the bottle when inserting the cork. After the cork has been inserted, pull out the string and you will release the...
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    If it tastes OK shove it at the back of the cupboard and forget about it for a while. Time and patience are your friends in this hobby.
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    SG Reading Not Stable

    About readings discrepancies. I used to work in a Laboratory and was watching a labourer laying some paving slabs. I said to him, 'I like to watch someone doing accurate work. We work to 10,000th of an inch here. 'You'd be no good doing this then mate,' he replied. 'On this job, you've got to be...
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    Gooseberry Norton combo

    The point I was making was that Gooseberries do have flavour, depending on when you pick them. As with grapes there are lots of different varieties and colours. Quite a few have been bred as desert types, very sweet. The trouble is that most recipes call for green gooseberries, that's when they...
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    Gooseberry Norton combo

    If as you say Gooseberries don't have much flavour, how come most so called professional wine experts reckon they taste Gooseberries in Sauvignon Blanc? ;)
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    We didn't have any Grammar when we were kids, Just a Grampa !
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    Wild Plum Wine

    Lucky you Moto. We had a chap in our wine making club who used to make a wonderful wine from wild plums (called Bullaces in UK). He wouldn't tell anyone where he got them and unfortunately he died without revealing his secret. Enjoy!
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    Making fruit wine fizzy like a “moscato d asti”

    One thing I forgot to say about the bottle explosion was that it was supposed to be a still wine not a sparkler.
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    Just out of curiosity, was that a White Elderberry, or just juice from Red Elders?
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    Cleaning Glass Carboys

    K-meta or Sodium-meta + acid releases SO2 gas, which is one of the reasons it is effective in wine.
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    The Stages of Flavor

    Chuck, tasting fermenting wine. Hhmmm! All that sugar in the food we eat + wine yeast, that could make an awful lot of gas. Well that's my excuse! LOL:f:rdo:rdo
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    Making fruit wine fizzy like a “moscato d asti”

    I'm giving my age away here. Back last century, it was reported in Berry's 'Amateur Winemaker' magazine that a chappie had his left hand split in half when a bottle exploded as he took it from his cellar. His wife called the police, they called the bomb squad in who did a controlled explosion of...
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    Why worry? As Bernard says, do a guess-timate based on your ingredients. What does it matter if you're a point or so out on your ABV. As long as you've got enough alcohol in your wine to preserve it that's fine. If you offer your guests a glass of good stuff they won't quibble if your...
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    Elderberry Wine

    Didn't mean to say that the elders are ripe, same as you Dawg, they've not long finished flowering. they won't be ready until end of August. Depends on the weather. When we get the purple crap, then we'll know.