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    MVWS Wine Competition

    That kind of works out better for me LOL.. Now i can get some wine ready for 2017. We had twins 16 months ago and they are kicking my *** LOL..
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    happy Birthday Runningwolf!!!

    Happy Birthday Dan!!
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    Fermentation temp

    I know money plays a part in this but if you have $100 and itching to spend it and the space you can get a used chest freezer and a johnson thermostat override to control your temps. I use this faithfully for Cold Stabilization and for cool ferments on my whites.
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    1 gallon recipes, hard to find!!!!

    Honestly I would do a 5 or 6 gallon batch. It takes just as much work and effort to do a 1 gallon batch and you only get 5 bottles.
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    Fermentation at 27 degrees

    As Julie stated, if you are still seeing bubbles it is the CO2 coming out. It is time to degass it.
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    Strawberry wine yeast

    I like the 71B for my strawberry..
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    clarity question

    I would give it some more time or if you are in a hurry use super kleer. Make sure temps are not too cool. I have noticed that super kleer and clearing in general do better when the ambient temps are warmer (warmer temps help release CO2). Cold Stablization can also help. I don't see a beam...
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    Pressing Strawberries

    Normal. I guess depit is the wrong word. I de-core them. I use a straw and push it from the bottom up through the top
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    Importance of pH

    Yes. But 6g/l TA will taste different than 7g/l TA if you sweeten or make it dry..
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    7th Annual MVWS Wine and Label Competition

    Congrats again!! I attended the meeting last nite and had a great time! Looking forward to it again. I entered 5 wines and won 5 medals - 2 silver and 3 bronze...
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    Pressing Strawberries

    I cut and depit my strawberries before i freeze them. Let the completely thaw then i would put in the ferm bag and into the primary. Also add pectic enzymes that will aid in further break down of the cell walls.
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    Importance of pH

    JohnT is correct - there are a lot of things to consider when adjusting your PH. To get a well balanced wine check those points and also consider if you plan to sweeten the wine - sugar and acidity play a part in the balance of the wine as well.
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    newbie - first 1 gallon batch

    Ferment to dry means the fermentation has completed typically below 1.000 SG. 1 gallon of water for a 1 gallon batch is extreme as well. 4 #'s of fruit is very low as well. I would up the #'s to about 8-9 pounds of strawberries per gallon. Cut, remove unripe portions, and depit them...
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    Sharp, long after-taste

    Over the years i have noticed .7 to be a little high on my whites. I tend to shoot for .6-.65 on my whites or PH around 3.5-3.6. Take your readings and adjust accordingly. You can use the winecalc app to help. Caution though - add a little at a time and retest. I also notice that if...
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    Chardonnay issues

    What is the TA - the PH is a bit high. 3.5-3.7 range for chardonnay should be what you are looking for.