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  • Depends - sometimes if i might find a like juice to top off with to aid in sweetening and flavor as well as the f-pac. I usually do this after i stabilize my wine. If it is after i have sweetened and during clearing - i will use a like wine if i am pretty low. If i am just a few onces low - i will just add water.

    I really like to try and make more than my target amount - that way i can top off with the same wine i am making.
    I was wondering how you go about toping up wine, the blueberry I racked this afternoon lacks one wine bottle of being up to the neck in the 3 gallon carboy> my Strawberry is dong fine the sg is down to 1.032 this afternoon. It must of supercharged it when I added another wine yeast pkg when I thought it wasnt any rate its really charging along. I was trying to make 5 gal , but I didnt add anywhere near as much water as the recipe called for and I have about 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 gallons going.

    tnx Larry
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