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    Stuck or slow fermentation

    Fermentation my be completed. The only way to know for sure is to use a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity or brix. This will tell you how much sugar remains in the wine. If the brix is at 0 or below (or SG of 0.996) then your fermentation is completed.
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    What temp ..

    If you can't control the humidity or don't want to try, try using synthetic corks as they will not dry out. I have wine in my basement that I bottled with synthetic corks 4 years ago and they are fine. For full disclosure, I do have a dehumidifier in my wine room but only have it on a setting...
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    Temperature Fluctuation During Fermentation

    I forgot to address the issue of storing wine in areas with fluctating temps. In my opinion, if you are storing wine for a relative short time, 6 months to a year, I wouldn't be so worried about temp fluctuations. Temperature fluctuations of 10F over time will have an effect on aging, in...
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    Temperature Fluctuation During Fermentation

    Is there a place in your house that has a somewhat constant temperature? That would be the ideal setting. What you really need to focus on is not so much the ambient temperature of the room (although it will be a factor) but rather the temperature of the must (fermentation). Yeast produce a...
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    Picture of Multi purpose Bottle Tree

    I don't believe it is hydrogen sulfide. H2S is the rotten egg or sulfur smell. If you are sterlizing or sanitizing with potassium metabisulfite then it is the sulfite you are smelling.
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    Synthetic Corks

    I only use synthetic corks and have never experienced problems with them other than the occassional misfire. I am just about through a 1000 count bag. Just currious, is it possible that somehow the inside part that squeezes the cork got damaged?
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    Picture of Multi purpose Bottle Tree

    Bob, Thanks for sharing the idea and photo. I have a bottle tree for the 750 ml bottles but always encountered problems when trying to drain the 5 gal carboys. Nice idea. What is the diameter of the hole for the 5 gal carboy?
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    Bottle size (750ml vs 1.5l)

    A mix of bottle sizes is fine. This way when you have friends over you can just open one of the 1.5 L instead of 2 of the 750 ml.
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    First Batch Concerns, please advise

    As long as the wine is going through primary fermentation an airlock is not necessary, simply cover the hole with a wash cloth to keep any thing from getting into the wine. I don't ferment in carboys, if making wine from fruit how are you going to press the cap that forms? During fermentation...
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    sort of stupid question?

    There is a video on youtube that shows how to remove a cork from a bottle using a plastic bag. Try this link. If it doesn't work type Removing Cork from Bottle in the search. I did and it was the first video. Edit: I tried the link and it worked.
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    Barrel Fermentation for Reds?

    I have a few 30 gal American oak barrels. When making enough wine to fill the barrels with my "reds" I usually let the wine age in the barrel 4-6 months. The oak flavor will lessen overtime (2 years) so it is important to check the wine often to see if the oak flavor is at the desired level.
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    Help:Watery wine

    You can get by with the native yeast but that can lead to problems. For example a stuck fermentation where the yeast is not strong enough to finish the job. Thereby leaving you with lower than expected alcohol and a sweet wine. Commercial yeast is so widely available that I am surprised that...
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    Help:Watery wine

    I didn't see the mention of yeast being added. Did you add yeast?
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    Always an odd aftertaste from red wine

    Sorry but I cannot be of help here as I am only on my first kit.
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    Extra gallons

    As Luc said, you can top off with water if you are only topping off a few ounces. Remember, at each racking you will lose some wine. For this reason, I like to top off with wine purchased. I use a similar style or varietal, this way I don't have to worry about diluting my alcohol content and...