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  1. Wheelman

    Large wine cooler for sale So Cal

    Large wine cabinet. Holds around 500 bottles. Southern California area. Too large to fit in my wine room. $600
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  4. Wheelman

    SO2 and retest

    I use Winemakermag.com calculator for my addition testing. Maybe you are familiar with it. I have used it for a few years now. https://winemakermag.com/article/634-solving-the-sulfite-puzzle I make a 10% solution based on the website suggestion...
  5. Wheelman

    SO2 and retest

    I just tested my SO2. I made the proper adjustments and retested right away. I did stir a bit hoping to mix SO2 , I used 10 % solution. The addition did not bring it up to what the calculator ( from Winemakermag) said it would raise to. Before adding more , I am curious if there is a waiting...
  6. Wheelman

    MLF inoculation

    Thank you for your responses. I was hoping I had no need to adjust.
  7. Wheelman

    MLF inoculation

    I have a question regarding PH and TA. Knowing that my PH will rise after malolactic is done , should I raise the TA in order to lower the PH , (for compensation) prior to adding the MLB? Some of my reading indicates I should bring the PH to around 3.5 My Merlot PH is 3.63 and TA is .7 My cab...
  8. Wheelman

    Co-innoculating vs. sequential

    I have never co-inoculated. Reading thru this I didn't notice any talk about quantities. if I co-inoculate do I use must quantity or potential juice quantity to base amount of ML bacteria to pitch. Or does it even matter?
  9. Wheelman

    Fermentation stuck?

    Thanks, I was considering that, but didn't want to end up with a sweet wine. So sounds like I should be good
  10. Wheelman

    Fermentation stuck?

    I have a fermentation of Petite Syrah, Syrah, and Malbec field blend of my own grapes. About 6 gallons of must. It has been at 1.004 for 2 days, is it stuck or finished? I have never had my fermentation stop here, usually it goes to 0 or below. Any help, advice, suggestions appreciated
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    Gobelet/Goblet training

    Thank you, found some. Appreciate the advice
  12. Wheelman

    Gobelet/Goblet training

    Hi , I am replacing some vines and I am wanting to do the Gobelet training method. I love the look. I can't seem to find much online about training from year one. Most everything I find is pruning after the vine has matured. Does anyone have any literature/pictures on this method? Or books I...
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    Carboys: 5 gl. or 3?

    When I was in my twenties I worked for Sparkletts water, delivering bottled water to homes. At that time I could lift those 5 gallon bottles so easy. Fast forward to my winemaking days late 50s and I appreciate those 3 gallon bottles being way lighter. In fact I can't believe I used to carry...
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    Late Malolactic fermentation

    Thanks for the advice. I think I may give it a go.
  15. Wheelman

    Late Malolactic fermentation

    I have been doing regular additions. I use the winemakermag.com sulphite calculator. This is from the website... Assumptions The calculator assumes that 57% of the sulfite actually becomes free SO2 to protect wine. So does that mean I could assume 43% Is bound? If I do get my wine tested what...