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    What's the full volume of "3 gallon" carboy?

    Norcal, agreed. It has been a while since I used carboys and I wanted to make an SO2 addition. I could not find the reference one for 3G and could not read the bottom with the carboy full. Just knowing what the manufacturer considered the "3 gallon" to hold from the mold was all I needed...
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    What's the full volume of "3 gallon" carboy?

    Thanks for your effort. I found my reference carboy. FWIW: Italian carboy, 3 gallon on box, 11.4L in mold, 11L just above shoulder, and 11.75L 2 inches from top. Not sure where they measured the 11.4L
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    What's the full volume of "3 gallon" carboy?

    Anyone know with some degree of accuracy what the volume of a "3 gallon" carboy is to the bottom of the spout? I'm fine with liters or gallons. Alternatively, do you know the liter volume printed on the bottom of the "3 gallon" carboy and what height they are measured to on the carboy? I...
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    Adding sulphites before or after racking

    Pay attention to the weights. In my case the 5g sachet has 2g SO2. Contrary to most advice, I do split mine but only in half. I usually overshoot and it works out. The math is so easy. 2g = 2,000 mg = 2000 ppm in 1 liter. To figure what you need to add, just multiply the ppm’s needed by...
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    Fermentation in bottle

    I don't make many whites, but part of my post fermentation addition is Lysozyme to stop ML. Absent a secondary fermentation, I'd have to question whether you got all the CO2 out during your degassing.
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    Neutral barrel use

    I have no solid data to support this reply but this works for me: First, I like my post MLF red wines aged in barrels regardless of the oak available (new vs used). Aging in barrels does come with the demand to be vigilant and closely monitor SO2 and top up, but the result is worth it. For me...
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    169 Clone Cab Sav

    I assume these are part of the Lanza/Musto/Pinto partnership. If so, I have tried the clone 8, 169 and Koch packed under this label at LV. I never made all three in the same year so I have no ability to compare the clones. I can say the Koch the one year I purchased it was very tanic and it...
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    2019 Harvest Journal

    Be careful with your assumption that by adding 1g/L TA the pH will go down by .1. pH is not a linear scale. The total acid measurement is more linear. However, again relating the two in any way other than directional can create trouble. If you are going to use pH (and I do also), my...
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    Barrel thoughts

    Batonnage (with a caret over the first a) is the stirring sur lie is just on the lees
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    In over my head lol.

    My first step away from glass carboys was old SS beer kegs. You can pull the tube out of the middle and it will hold 15+ gallons. Be aware of the sources as most are the "property of" a brewery. I got mine from a brewery for the scrap value. They were being retired because of the exterior...
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    wine has little "body"

    Not sure whether tannins or SIY additives will help with your problem. Another tact would be to try adding glycerine or gum Arabic. It will add a tiny bit of sweetness and body to the wine. Test it first. There is a product sold in LHBS called wine conditioner. It might be worth a try. I...
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    Testing Wine

    Just added two 50L F/O Artisan barrels. Before: St Martin, Seguine Moreau and Rousseau. Fewer companies offer small format barrels. None that I tried are that much better than the other that I have a preference except the seguine Moreau. Brick Packaging began distributing them a few years...
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    Testing TA with Ph meter

    Just a couple of minutes a sample. I use a stirrer, burret with a nice stopcock and a pretty fast meter. By hand shake/stirring, with a syringe, 5 min would seem appropriate. I test twice over the previous sample. If there is a difference, I test again. Repeatability is vital.
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    Testing Wine

    If you can see bubbles, it is likely ML, assuming AF is complete. If you don't see bubbles, that does not necessarily mean it is complete. As mentioned previously, chromatography is my testing method and I know it to be qualitative and understand its shortcomings. That said, should we care...