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    luck with growing own root vinifera

    I can't believe this discussion is happening. The usa is where Phylloxera comes from. It is THE big negative that you gave the rest of the world. Listen to Salcoco. Leaf phylloxera, what? Phylloxera winters in the soil. When the sap runs in the vine, the phylloxera migrates to the leaves...
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    PH is way too low on my finished cab.

    I write with experience. Six years ago I had a wine like that (not quite as low). It was bad enough though. Put it into batches tried a few things. Calcium carbonate - yuck. Never got used to the chalk taste. Hated it. Patience - it was six years ago, and it is still very difficult to drink...
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    Hope I Get Some Replies On This.

    I expect that the only additive in lemon juice will be 220. 220 is sulphate, that is K-meta. If you want to ferment the lemon juice straight, then you may have a problem. When you dilute it with what ever you are adding it to, then there is little chance of a problem.
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    Steam Clean Barrels?

    Sterilizing is a function of time and heat. It takes 15-20 minutes at 121c to sterilize a vessel or 3-4 minutes at134c. @buzi just want to check your numbers. You have used temperatures in Celsius. Living on the other side of the world that is my language. Then there is a terminology...
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    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    @1d10t don't get me wrong, I haven't given up on temp control. I am just suggesting that there is a lot more to know. I make wine from grapes. Cab sav or Shiraz. Your set up is interesting, but I can't see how I would set it up. I think I need to punch down the cap or at least do a pump over...
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    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Last year I tried the temperature control route. It was not successful. It's not just about maintaining temperature, it's about maintaining the right temperature. Colour and aroma start from the beginning of the ferment. The required temp is about 28 - 30C. After that there may be a benefit...
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    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    We are in parallel. We appear to have been making wine for the same about of time, and have the same issue. I do however describe it differently. To me, I separate flavour and taste. Taste being mouth feel, acid, and tannins. Flavour is the berries, and a little from the oak. Firstly, I...
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    unpleasant floral note

    Geranium is a technical term that means "floral notes". So, it would seem you do have geranium. Geranium has two causes. 1. Sorbate is just one. 2. The other is yeast nutrient, type or lack of it. I have had a couple of occasions where I have made a port without nutrient or using minimal...
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    Long-Term Aging with Bottle Caps

    I focus on "age properly". I am on the other side of the world so it may be difficult for you to do the trial. One of the Heathcote, Victoria, Australia wineries, "Peregrine Ridge", has for a number of years bottled the same wine in cork and screw cap. The result is that for the first four...
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    Okay...ideas as to what happened?

    Nothing wrong with your wine. It is a normal reaction. K-meta has a bleaching effect on wine. As the wine ages, the K-meta will react with other components and the colour should return. That is if the wine lasts that long. [emoji12]
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    Winemaking Software?

    I have started using "Wine Making log", looked around for a while and this was the first free software that came close to what I was thinking about. Probably need to do a few wines to understand it fully.
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    How many years supply on hand?

    Yeah, about the same. Four years on the shelf, and another four years in storage. What I don't understand is that I am looking to double my output. Making it is as much a drug as drinking it. [emoji16]
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    30mm screw top bottles

    OK, so I'm on the other side of the planet but I find it hard to believe the bottles would be hard to source. In seven years of wine making I have only come across one bottle that did not conform to the required standard. I tend to ask friends to collect bottles for me, and in Australia it...
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    How to perform extended maceration?

    The talk I hear is you either macerate before or after, not both. Basically, it comes down to the type of grape being fermented. Pinky noir before, shiraz/syrah after.
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    I’ve seen various posts where people were asking about methanol being produced in wine fermentation, asking was it safe. Can anyone explain to me what that is all about? Whenever yeast is used, there is a chance of methanol being created. Acetone and other chemicals as well. In the basic...