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    Wine club software

    The Prairie Home Vintners club ended up going with Wild Apricot to manage our club membership, mail lists, events, forums, and so much more. So far it has been a great investment for us.
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    Wine club software

    Thank you for the tip. I emailed the president of their club. As I was typing my question to him, I realized I had so many other questions related to how clubs are staying connected during this pandemic. We started monthly zoom meetings doing video tours of home wineries and presentations on...
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    Wine club software

    Out of curiosity, is anyone in a wine club that has a website for tracking membership, collecting dues, sending emails to a mail list, setting up a calendar of events, and such? I’m trying to find a list of wine clubs that may help too. Thank you in advance.
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    Frontenac grapes

    I'd also like to know the MLB and nutrient used. I'm in Wisconsin and I plan to harvest some of my Frontenac grapes soon. Brix = 19.3 as of Aug 17.
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    HELP!! Chilean Pinot/Malbec 1st Time Bucket

    I just got my first buckets from Chile of Malbec and Pinot Noir as well. I'm going to try lalvin 71b-1122 for the Malbec and bourgovin rc-212 for the Pinot. I realize this post started in 2010 so I'm wondering how the wines turned out and if you have any suggestions for me? Also, why did you...
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    learning question

    Sorbate in port I've always added sorbate dry and haven't had any problems. Until this weekend when I wanted to bump up the sweetness of a mulberry port and added some sugar along with sorbate. It did not dissolve. Based on the comments in this thread I'll dissolve in warm water going forward...
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    The Malolactic Fermentation

    Did you decide to do MLF on your wine? I'm considering it on my frontenac and like your wine it has been in the carboy for a over a month. I also added k-meta and calcium carbonate (I read this reduces acidity). After reading some of the posts here I'm thinking malolactic fermentation would have...
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    Wine gift baskets

    Bellavitano We had a Sartori Bellavitano cheese tasting last night. The gold is still my favorite. It paired well with chianti reserva.
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    Reducing high acid grape wines

    I have 15 gallons of frontenac and it is high in acid. I added some calcium carbonate to bring it down a bit. I'm just learning about malolactic fermentation and it sounds like this would have helped smooth things out. However it might be too late in the process. Any suggestions?
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    Wine by the month

    I also use separate racking tubes when making pepper wine for this same reason. So how are you going to start the wine of the month club? Are you going to use this thread or start a new one each month or a new one for each recipe? Just wondering since I plan to follow along until spring and...
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    Wine by the month

    I like your idea of wine of the month club. Every year when I harvest my grapes i take half the batch and do as little as possible to capture the terroir of our area in Wisconsin. The other batch I use to experiment. It helps to try new things to help perfect a recipe without losing an...
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    Wine gift baskets

    Yes, try the harder cheeses for gifts. Make sure it won't be left out longer than a day. And by all means, go with Wisconsin cheese. Sartori is my absolute favorite. I'm also doing a gift basket this year. I will be including homemade spaghetti sauce with pasta (along with homemade wine of...
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    Extreme Newbie

    Check out the pear - pulpy thread under country fruit wine. It has some good tips about pear wine.
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    Pear - pulpy

    Thanks for sharing your Pear wine experience. I made a Pear Mead last year and also had a massive amount of lees. I racked every 3 months for a year and it was still cloudy. Last week I back sweetened and added 1/2 teaspoon of pectin enzyme, 1/8 teaspoon metabisulfite, and 1/2 teaspoon of...
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    Blueberry wine from blueberry juice

    Gelu, how did it go?