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    Skeeter Pee Revisited

    Well I have to say I like the original better. I used 4 lbs of DME and although it taste good, it does not taste as good as the original. So much for experiments. How has anyone else's experiments gone? Any good with the addition of raspberry or some other type? Am very curious because I am...
  2. vvolf34

    Odd aftertaste

    Just a question out of curiosity, have you racked it off the lees?
  3. vvolf34

    old labels

    I have not tried it yet. I will on my next batch of bottles. My dad said I should smear a little peanut butter over the label. He said the oil or something in it disolves the glue. I will try it soon and report back.
  4. vvolf34

    Skeeter Pee Revisited

    My first batch kept the lemonade look. My next batch an experiment using DME has a brown carmel color to it, because I think I had the heat to hi and carmelized the DME. But if you make normal it should retain a some what yellowish look!
  5. vvolf34

    Whats the Legality.

    I would say your ok, as long as it is a gift and not a payment for making the wine....
  6. vvolf34

    Whats the Legality.

    Thanks for all the replies. I have another adult of drinking age in my home. So I am good to make the 200 gal limit. I would not charge anyone to make it. Actually they will buy all the supplies. I didn't think there would be a problem.
  7. vvolf34

    Whats the Legality.

    My Skeeter Pee has been a big success. I now have people asking me to make them some. They will buy the supplies and I will ferment it. They will help bottle it. I will not take $0.01 for doing any of this. I know in my state I am allowed to brew up to 200 gallons a year. I was just wondering if...
  8. vvolf34

    Pondering Lemon Juice

    Thanks for the replies. I didn't know lemon juice actually fermented. I can see how having it in there or not can totally change the flavor profile, I might just do a 1 gal batch to see.
  9. vvolf34

    Sketer Pee - Is started

    Doug: Dont forget to add your nutrient and energizer too. What yeast did you use? I have made two batches and neither one was foamy. The only foamy thing I ever had was Wade's chocolate strawberry port and I used Lavlin D-47.
  10. vvolf34

    Pondering Lemon Juice

    I have been thinking about this for awhile now. I am on my second batch of Skeeter Pee. People who have made anything with lemons know it can be difficult on the yeast. So my thoughts are... Why add the lemon juice in the first place? Does lemon juice actually ferment? Why not just mix up...
  11. vvolf34

    Skeeter Pee Revisited

    So far everyone who has tried this drink has really liked it. I have even gotten "Wow, this taste better than Mike's; when are you making more!" You can't ask for anything else better than that. Also: "This is the first time I have gotten drunk off of home brew" :d
  12. vvolf34

    Skeeter Pee Revisited

    I don't have that Iced Tea, but I bet it would be good. I know how skeeter Pee taste and I bet it would be good!
  13. vvolf34

    Help Please Added Potassium Sorbate to early

    jdaniels, Usually you add more sugar to get higher alcohol content, but there is a point, different strains of yeast can only handle so much alcohol before it kills them. Most go from 12 to 18 %, there is a super yeast out there that can tolerate 20 % maybe more. But usually your alcohol...
  14. vvolf34

    Does the amount of liters in a kit necessarily mean better quality?

    Hey alright thanks for the information. Yeah I did the Mist kit as my first one, before I knew anything. But I have to admit, I ordered another one, Peach Chard so I can have something to drink while everything else is aging.
  15. vvolf34

    Ants in wine?

    Sounds like you need to call the Orkan man!!