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    WineXpert Vintner's Reserve Merlot

    I am planning to start a batch of Wine Expert Vinter's Reserve Merlot within next month. Is it possible to add more body to the wine with the addition of Alexander's Merlot Concentrate? Or would it be better to ferment the Alexander's concentrate separately and use it to top up the wine and...
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    WineXpert Vintage Reserve Merlot

    I have a "Wine Expert Vintner's Reserve Merlot" kit that I plan on starting within next month. I am considering adding Alexander's Merlot Concentrate to kit, however; I am concerned whether I should I add it to the kit or ferment it separately and blend later. Has anyone added Alexanders to a...
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    Riesling Wine - How To Increase Body

    I have backsweetened the rieseling and the S G is now 1.004. Will the glycerin increase the sweetness?
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    Riesling Wine - How To Increase Body

    I have six gallons of Riesling wine that is clear and ready to bottle, however; it needs more body. Should I use glycerin to increase body? Thanks VTwinemaker
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    Smart Phone App - Wine Log

    I am developing a Wine Log app for Smart Phones. I would like to find three or four users to test the app and provide input based on their reviews. The app will use HandBase and will retail in the $5.99 to $7.99 range. HandBase is a database for Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.) that retails...
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    Maple Syrup wine

    I have 3 pints of fresh maple syrup and considering how much wine that I can make with it. If I start with S.G. of 1.085 to 1.090, will it ferment to the range of .990 to .995? If I use the 3 pints of maple with sugar added to get the must to 1.090 to get one gallon of must, will the wine have...
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    Grape Concentrate To Backsweeten

    I gave up on wine conditioner after a couple of times due to sedimentation issues. What are some of the problems that others have experienced? Thanks VTWinemaker
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    Grape Concentrate To Backsweeten

    I am considering using grape concentrate to backsweeten wine. I am interested in comments regarding the type of concentrate (WineExpert, Welchs, etc.) and the results of using a concentrate rather than a wine conditioner. Thanks VTWinemaker
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    Delayed Introduction

    I have posted a few times since joining the forum about three years ago, however; I have never introduced myself. I have been making an occasional batch of wine since 2004 and entering wine in the Winemaker Competition since 2008. I am presently developing a couple of applets for the amateur...
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    El Cheapo Apple Press

    Did you remove seeds from apple prior to grinding in food processor? If not, the wine may be high in tannins. Also, the seeds contain cyanide. It is great idea for small batches.
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    Bought a ph meter - now what?

    Congratulations! What brand & model did you buy?
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    Best way to package to ship

    I have shipped through UPS on several occasions without any problems. I purchase wine shipping boxes online and wrap each container in garbage bags to minimize spillage should the bottles break. The wine shipping boxes are fairly inexpensive.
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    Hi from Virginia

    Scott; welcome from a fellow Virginian VTwinemaker
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    The vacuum pump can be used to rack, degas, filter, and bottle wine.
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    Pump Thoughts

    I have several double drilled silicone bungs for sale. Anyone that is interested can send me a private message.