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  • Hi, David!

    Thanks for writing. We got a second place for our blackberry/elderberry wine, and a third place for, I believe, our Skeeter Pee.

    Marv was there, although maybe a little slower, as colorful as ever. The wine tasting was inside the winery. Lots of fun as always.

    Our backyard elderberries did well this year. We picked just over 60 pounds! I have 7 carboys in the kitchen right now: 3 gallons of Norton steam-juiced from our backyard, a peach, blueberry, and rest, elderberry (from 2009 crop), including 2 elderberry meads. Have to taste test this weekend to see if the oak needs to come out.

    Thanks for writing. Happy holidays to you and Bonnie.

    Hey you guys, glad to see you on this forum. How'd you do at the Cowie festival? Did Marv show up? He seemed to be slowing down some the last time we were there.

    We're still hanging in there making wine, gardening and picking pecans at this time.

    David and Bonnie
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