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    New Winexpert Kits

    Maybe they invented a new technology that only pulls water out of grape juice without losing any aroma or goodies. I am dreaming that can be the case.
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    WineXpert Question about LE Australia Grenache and Cab with Grape Skin

    I opened one yesterday and it tasted quite smooth and might be at its peak now. Further aging might not be a good thing I guess. The color looks like a dark version of rose.
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    Racking schedule without clearing agents

    i used to follow the 3 month racking 1/4 tsp sulpahate scheme for 1 year bulk aging before bottling. it always ended up with very sulfy wine with all aroma covered by irritating smell. so i changed scheme after the lessons. i now rack only every 6 mon after a quick first one for removing gross...
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    Cider not carbonating

    superclear took out most of the yeast. no yeast no fermentation. that is the reason.
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    I did petnat several times so far. Those batches made my fastest bottling record. One batch took only 7 days from pitching yeast to bottling! My approach is to bottle when the SG is 0.004 or 0.005 higher than the FG of complete dryness. This give about 3 atm of pressure. It is tough to estimate...
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    Sparkling without disgorging?

    I did a few Pet Nats without dosage or disgorging. Actually, I really enjoy them so far. During secondary fermentation in the bottle, the wine can be pretty clear in three months. However, no matter how carefully I open the cap, the bubbles rising from the bottom of the bottle will stir up...
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    Hello from Edmonton

    Edmonton has tons of wine making supply shops, which cover majority of the wine kit brands, such as RJS, WE, and CC. Have fun! For winemaking equipment and chemical supply, you can try Brew for Less in downtown area. Even grocery store like Superstore and Save On Foods sell wine kits (but low...
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    So you guys use clearing agents?

    If bottled quickly by the instruction with chemical addition, I found sometime the fluffy thing still shows up after several months of storage . It also happened in a nouveau red kit I did. However, given enough time, (9 month plus) without any clearing chemical, the wine can be very clear and...
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    So you guys use clearing agents?

    This is a kind of disappointing news or happy news? I have gathered a big bag of EC-1118 since I swapped yeast for almost all the latest batches. I listened to an episode of "Inside wine making podcast". The professional winemaker also said the same thing. Sounds it is time to put my EC-1118...
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    Mead making questions.

    That is exactly what I thought. I started my first 1 gal mead batch with honey only a week ago. Staggered nutrient addition at 1/3 2/3 break. K1-V1116 yeast, 1 kg honey with some raisons. Fermenting at low temperature 16°C to see how it goes. Still in primary. In the first week, I aerated the...
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    clarifying excess lees

    Agree. Once the majority of the lees is removed after 2-3 rackings. I would let it sit for 6-9 months without touching. I found the 3 month racking+1/4 TSP kmeta routine is too much and ends up with very sulfury wine.
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    clarifying excess lees

    I just rely on time for the main batch to clear, typically one year or so. For sludge, since i cannot let it sit too long, chitosan is used to speed up the process.
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    clarifying excess lees

    i use chitosan to recover 50% to 70% volume of wine from lees in a couple of days. This is actaully the only place i use the clarifier.
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    WineXpert Question about LE Australia Grenache and Cab with Grape Skin

    I opened my first bottle in Christmas time and keep a pace of one bottle a month. It tastes good but a little bit in light side. This was my first skin kit, therefore followed instruction very closesly. If i could do it again, i would reduce volume slightly and skip some chemicals and add some...
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    I use a flashlight in the opposite side of the carboy and watch. If the light is visible in the other side, it is typically clear.