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    Blackberry Wine, All Juice, Steam Extractionb

    I am about to start a batch of blackberry wine using all juice from a steam juice extractor. Links to a recipe would be appreciated. From what I've read I'll be getting a pH reading and may have to adjust. Probably shoot for a SG of 1.090. After fermentation dies down should I plan on...
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    Hello, I'm about to make blackberry wine using juice from steamed berries. I noticed that you...

    Hello, I'm about to make blackberry wine using juice from steamed berries. I noticed that you made 100% juice blackberry wine and wonder if you would share a recipe...Thanks
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    Apple Wine Problems.

    Thanks to all, good to hear there is no magic bullet. I do have a juicer and a small press. Its a little strange that none of the apple wine recipes I read mentioned the problem with using whole fruit when dealing with apples. All of them just said to cut em up or use the food...
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    Apple Wine Problems.

    Started a 3 gallon batch with about 27 lbs of apples and quickly found out that even in a 6 gallon bucket I've not no free standing liquid. In other words I've got a mostly solid volume of crushed apples. It seems like most recipes call for that much apple, so I guess what people are doing...
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    Fresh Peach and Welchs Juice. I

    I am planning to make 3 gallons of wine using 3 to 4 lbs of my fresh peaches per gallon and 3 64 oz bottles of Welchs 100% white grape juice. I am going to follow the basic Jack Keller instructions for "Peach and Grape Wine" but am using the 100% juice instead of the grape concentrate. What...
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    New Beginnings!

    Thanks for the reply, I'll ferment separately then. Good idea about the plum blackberry. I should have 3 gallons each of those if all goes well. And next year I'll definitely try the rhubarb/strawberry, certainly makes good pies...
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    New Beginnings!

    I'm about to start wine making again in retirement after a 35 year hiatus. We moved to Boise Idaho in 2012 and my landscaping is starting to bear an abundance of rhubarb, pie cherries, apples, blackberries, plums and peaches. I've studied up on the technical aspects of fermenting, bottling...