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    Back sweetening: Wine conditioner or SS with sorbate?

    In my experience, the wine appears to gain sweetness over time after back sweetening. Knowing this, after doing bench tests I tend to back sweeten to about 80% of whatever blend tasted best, let the wine sit for a month or more and then taste again. If it needs more SS then I can easily give...
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    Why does 6 gal = 3 gal in the end?

    I understand some wine loss, but 50% would be extreme even with multiple rackings. Here are my techniques to deal with this issue. - As Cmason said - tilt your container during racking using a board or wedge. The supply stores sell wedges or you can make one like this - start with 6+...
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Got a new pillow from my sister . . . I guess she knows me pretty well.
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    What’s wrong with whipping to degas?

    I thought I didn't need a vacuum pump . . . until I finally bought one. Degassing is a big benefit and you naturally degas on every transfer, but for me the side benefits outweigh this feature. Being able to make transfers with carboys on an even level (no gravity concerns) and the ease of...
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    The firing of Dave reminded me of one of my favorites that runs in the same vein . .
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Bob Ross / Will Ferrell and more cowbell . . . how can you got wrong - totally made my day!
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    About To Try the RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan

    Aging really helps any big bold red and I think it is especially true for this wine. I fermented this in April 2018 and bulk aged it until Nov 2019 (about 18 months). It is very good right now, but I think it will still improve quite a bit with a year in the bottle. I know that's a long...
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    About To Try the RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan

    SG 1.102 @ 72 degrees on 4/28/18 FG .993 @ 61 degrees on 5/24/18 Used RC-212 and gave it some Fermax to start and Fermaid-O on 5/3 (SG 1.034) According to the FermCalc app this should be about 15% ABV.
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    About To Try the RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan

    Just throwing my 2 cents in. I made this same kit last year and just bottled it about a month ago. I made it to 6 gal +/- after the initial racking (ie: a little over 23L in primary). Even with the primary being in excess of 23L the starting SG was over 1.100. The end result is a fairly hot...
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Having worked at a commercial turkey farm for 10+ years I can truly appreciate the simplicity of Thanksgiving in a can. Probably not quite the same culinary delight, but certainly much simpler.
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    WineXpert Great buy on WineXpert 10 L kits

    The kits come with yeast packets (usually EC-1118). You should not need to buy yeast unless you want a special variety.
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    WineXpert Great buy on WineXpert 10 L kits

    I definitely had shipping charges, but they seemed less than usual. Possibly because I have been buying the 18L kits lately and two 10L kits probably weigh about the same as one big kit. Still, for less than $120 I got 2 kits on the way which will yield 4 cases of wine after skinnying the...
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    My Fermonster lid does not seal completely all the time. It doesn't take much of a leak to stop the bubbles from flowing through the airlock. One batch went from 1.045 to .998 without any noticeable action through the lock. The hydrometer is definitely the true measure. 1.008 is getting there!
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    Blending Barolo, Montepulciano and Pino Grigio

    cmason . . . interesting note on the Vidal. Here in the Finger Lakes they vint a fair amount of Vidal and Seyval Blanc, but I have not heard of anyone applying oak. It's generally done 100% in SS and is often left with an RS of 3% - 5% (or even more). However, there are some wineries making...