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    Hello from Denver

    check out F. Colavita & Son. they are a supplier with distributors all over the country. Local Distributors — F. Colavita & Son I believe they have a distributor in Denver as well.
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    2020 Fall Grape Season Coming Up

    My plans for this fall are: 6 gallons of Noble Muscadine. I know not everyone is a fan of muscadines, but I have made some really good dry versions of it in the last years. This year will be the first time I adjust acidity downward for it, to see what that does to this variety. 6 gallons of...
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    The Dutchman's Backyard (mini) Vineyard

    They still look pretty good though! I think it really shows these vines were made for the Arkansas climate, they have been very vigorous for me. I am debating on adding a second row of vines next year, or actually, I want to add a second row but still need to convince my wife haha.
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    The Dutchman's Backyard (mini) Vineyard

    They are doing great! Last year I was growing them without trellis, so I trimmed them back to like 6 buds this winter. And they took off this spring. I did lose most of the first growth to a late frost, but this is where they are at now: Don't mind the grass going to mow tomorrow. Hoping to...
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    Zelix Wine Adventures...Beginner Gearing up.

    Also, I would recommend looking for a used floor corker, oftentimes they can be found anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars. I found my Italian floor corker for 25 dollars. I took it apart to give it a good clean, sanded some rusty spots, and repainted it, and it is as good as new.
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    New Barrels for Forum Members

    How would this work as far as shipping goes? I am in Arkansas, and might be interested in it for next year. already oaked my last year's wines, and want to plan it out to where the barrel won't be empty.
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    Affordable grapes in the southeast?

    Colavita out of California has local distributors all over the country. Local Distributors — F. Colavita & Son I saw there is one in Buford GA. I found a location fairly near me last year, and the quality was great.
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    What to do with pomace?

    I usually make a Pomace wine that can be consumed after 6 months. Just add half the amount of accidulated water, and sugar to desired starting gravity. So if you got say 20 gallon of wine from the grapes, add 10 gallons back. I either do that or add the pomace to a juice bucket, to give it more...
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    "Flor quality corks," really?

    I have been using these corks: very happy with the quality, don't know if the would hold for 12 years though
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    Peach Prices - ?? Or other Fruits from Orchards/Stands

    That's a great price actually. I bought a half bushel from taylor's orchard in Gentry AR for 45$
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    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Oh yes, I remember having to order all my brewing stuff online because the nearest brew store was about an hour and a half away. Arkansas sure is a lot different than NL, definitely had to get used to that haha. I used to live on the island of Texel so I very much miss being able to go to the...
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    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Welcome, I am originally from the Netherlands as well. Living in Arkansas now though. What part of The Netherlands are you from?
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    Fall CA Grapes Wanted

    I have been in contact with F Colavita to get a shipment. That way I can offer all the different varieties they carry.
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    Fall CA Grapes Wanted

    I am setting up a shipment to Northwest Arkansas this year. probably in Rogers Arkansas. I am keeping everyone updated on this Facebook page: Definitely have enough room for more people.
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    Getting grapes in San Antonio

    Probably going to be too far for you, but I am organizing a shipment this fall from Colavita to Northwest Arkansas or Missouri if the order isn't large enough. I have created a facebook group to keep connected with everyone.