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    happy Birthday Runningwolf!!!

    Happy Birthday Dan and many, many more!!
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    L'uva Bella 2015 Meet and Greet.

    Just an FYI the 4th is the day before Easter. I'm hoping to make it to this one this year.
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    Howdy, from Pleasanton, Texas

    Welcome Jack! I have visited your website often. Thank you for the time you have spent in creating that website to help me learn and understand better the process of creating a good wine.
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    Happy Birthday Julie!!!

    Happy Birthday to You!!! Hope you had a great day, I know the weather was!! Many, many more!!
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    Happy Birthday Runningwolf!

    Sorry Dan was gone since last thursday. So Happy Belated Birthday!! Wishing you all the best!
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    Runningwolf gone wild

    AWWWW JULIE!! POOR JESSIE!! It's early enough we can get her into rehab and she'll be back to normal soon!! Note to self: Lock dogs up when Dan's around,,
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    Slow response time on WMT

    Glad to hear there were others that were having the same problem as I was. I just figured it was my computer. Don't want to go out and buy Windows 8, don't like it! Hope the next will be one that I would like to work one. So,,,, I haven't really been able to see any topics for a few weeks. It...
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    Happy Birthday, Terry0220!!!!

    LOL!! At least this generation is having fun :dg
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    Happy Birthday, Terry0220!!!!

    Welllll,,,let's just put it this way. They could either heat up the house or burn it down. No I am proud to say (at least while I am drinking) that I am now 53. I was told that the 50's is the new 30's. So I will go with that one! Thank you all!
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    Happy Birthday, Terry0220!!!!

    Thank you!
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    For the girls

    Ahh,, but would the taste be different behind that closed door??? ;)
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    another thing I use,,especially for tiny seeds like carrots, is to glue it to UNUSED tp or papertowels, then place in the garden and cover. That way the seeds are where I put them and not scattered when covered by soil and water.
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    LOL!!! Leave it to Mike to say that! Sorry to all if I wasn't clear. Yes it is the cardboard holders of Tp and papertowels that I use! Pumpkinman,,yes I remove the tape if I used it and open the little flaps to allow the roots to spread freely in my garden. Sometimes they fold nicely other...
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    Just a little FYI for starting seeds. Instead of buying those seed starter pots I now save my TP and papertowel rolls. Cut the TP ones in half, papertowels in either 3rds or 4ths. Make four little cuts on one side fold those over, tape or not. Place my potting soil in these with the seeds...
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    How Cold Was it?

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)