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    White ring around carboy/surface of the wine

    I thought protein haze normally wasn't a problem in red wines (as the tannins help protein precipitation). Did you add bentonite during fermentation? I guess this is a kit?
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    No nose

    I didn't say that everybody would, but I did and maybe someone, who is unhappy, would.
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    No nose

    I didn't say I vacuumed wine once, I said I did a side by side test on the same batch once. Have you done that? Since I stopped vacuuming my wine, I'm pretty pleased with the nose. Though that doesn't prove that vacuuming wine is bad nor doesn't say that that is the reason the nose on my wine...
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    No nose

    I doubt applying vacuum preserve wine flavor, rather the opposite. It's reasonable to assume to you will lose more volatile compounds with vacuum than without (depending on time and degree of vacuum). Having said that; I can't back that up with any peer review studies. Only my own test that I...
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    New Winexpert Kits

    Living in a country that has ONE store selling wine kits (WE) limits the possibilities for sure. They get one shipment per year. +1
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    New Winexpert Kits

    Let's hope so, as the list is pretty short for the more expensive ones. Thanks for sharing!
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    WE Limited Edition Pecorino Pinot Grigio

    Top shelf? Hmm, can't argue with that. but I was surprised as 21 bottles is less than 16 liter. Did you start with 23 liter?
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    WE Limited Edition Pecorino Pinot Grigio

    Is this a typo? 21 bottles sounds very low
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    New Winexpert Kits

    Hmm, saw a promo too. I noticed that basic is 8 liter, reserve 10 liter and private reserve 14 liter to 23 liters. Tag line was smaller kits require less pasteurization means better wine... Some info on their website
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    Blue Wine using kits

    I have had a bottle of Gik, though it was rather cool color wise I was less impressed taste wise. Filtering though skins? Sounds like they are adding pigments (natural or synthetic)
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    RJ Spagnols RJS EP Super Tuscan

    Out of curiosity, why this high dosage? You are using the amount recommended for ~21 gallons if I'm not mistaken.
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    What’s wrong with whipping to degas?

    Quoting myself: "It is well documented that low fermentation temperature, due to less vigorous fermentation, preserve wine flavor as less volatile compounds is lost. Applying vacuum seems less attractive to me for the very same reason, any thoughts on that?"
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    fpac Brix

    A saturated sugar solution at room temperature is 68 brix.
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    Juice buckets vs Concentrate

    True that! Here in Sweden, you can't buy grapes and if you want to grow them yourself, you are basically stuck with Solaris and Rondo. The Solaris I have tried makes a drinkable white but I have yet to try a Rondo that I like. So kits is the only option if you want to make wine. Having a heavily...
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    RJS Cru International Meritage (Canadian Okanagan)

    Is it labelled on the ingredient list?
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