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    Apple Harvest- What to do?

    We’re cider fans too. We have a press and a lot of fruit so make our own from a pretty good variety of apples. I’ve never had apple wine that I prefer to cider.
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    Success! At least to my unsophisticated palette...

    Off track but just wanted to say that I planted onion seeds this year from 2011, just broadcast in a tray and it looks like they all came up! I was going to throw some old onion seeds away since they supposedly only last one or two years but planted instead. Another variety not as old didn’t...
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    Jelly, Hot Pepper and Vinegar

    I love growing peppers and have about 200 of multiple varieties but also cannot do the super hots as much as I’d like to. I will be sure to try the Charapitas next season.
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    The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity

    Bonhoeffer addressed stupidity back in the 40’s also.
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    Vintner’s Harvest fruit base expiration

    My son had a can of cr of mushroom soup a couple of years past best by date. It was in a tab-open can that opened itself with the most disgusting contents spewing out. We try to avoid those can types for food storage now.
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    Vintner’s Harvest fruit base expiration

    Thank you both for the replies. I’m definitely going to use them if good.
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    Vintner’s Harvest fruit base expiration

    I may not have searched the correct terms to get my answer so pardon me if this has already been addressed. A friend getting out of winemaking gave me four cans of VH fruit base in 96 oz cans. He thought they were likely 10 years old. None of them have an expiration date. The cans are without...
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    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

    I never win anything but LIKE you anyway!
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    Raisins vs barley in Pom Wine recipe

    I have been looking online, here and elsewhere for pomegranate wine recipes. CrashPat and others here, as well as Keller's site have great looking recipes. The recipes I have found call for adding barley OR raisins OR grape juice. I found one that has rice as an ingredient. Would someone explain...
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    Thanks CrashPat for your response! Once I get these things seeded and frozen for a while I'm going to get started.
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    CrashPat, I went back to the store and picked up another 16 poms (36 in all) and am working on getting them all seeded and in the freezer. I'm interested in trying your recipe. If you find your notes or think of anything else that goes into the batch, please post it. As you know, seeding these...
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    I just picked up 20 poms at our Krogers for one dollar per. I am looking at recipes and was wondering why some of them have barley as an ingredient? Thanks
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    WineXpert So far so good with the Selection Choc Raspberry Port...

    Wade, do you have an opinion about my question (prior page, bottom) about the level of my wine after racking? Thanks!
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    WineXpert So far so good with the Selection Choc Raspberry Port...

    Linda, I had planned on bulk aging it in the carboy from the beginning. I am still collecting bottles and have about 20 gal. of four different wines that I'm bulk aging. Also, I have seen Wade post to not be in a hurry to bottle because this kit produces sediment for quite awhile (not his exact...
  15. SueMc

    WineXpert So far so good with the Selection Choc Raspberry Port...

    I guess this is my last installment here for this kit. I checked the SG today and it was 1.022. I racked it off a big layer of lees. I had too much for a 5 gal carboy and not enough, even with topping off with the reserved wine, to fill my 6 gal back up to the correct level. The wine level is...