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    Whiskodhaim: A new Martini (pls do not publish outside this forum)

    Hello, I'm from a country where wine and all alcoholic beverages are illegal and punishable according to a weird religious law called Sharia laws. So, please do not share this message outside this Forum for my own safety. Thank you I started to create new home-made 'wines' based on some...
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    Using Brown Sugar?

    Thanks to all of you for this great advice, which unfortunately I could not use in the time of making my new fruit wine (I lost my password and username for more than 10 months!) I made the wine and used the organic brown sugar...I belive Luc was right... so far the color is not the one I...
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    Using Brown Sugar?

    Hi, I'm a new in this fun hobby... I have a question: I want to have my wine content/ingredients 100% organic. Is using brown sugar OK? I'm a fraid it would change the color of the wine I'm making right now... Any help? Thanks:)