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    New to planting need advice in Michigan

    May isn't too late. Purchase Vines
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    Research into home winemaking - TIME TO TAKE THE SURVEY

    Completed survey hope it helps
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    Research into home winemaking - TIME TO TAKE THE SURVEY

    Send the survey. I'll respond
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Money to be made when a person dies of coronavirus. No one dying of anything else these days. Previous deaths re-classified as coronavirus deaths, can't be going on. Is it possible to die twice of coronavirus? It makes one wonder one wonder.
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    I think the USA/world will continue some type of mitigation mode longer than we can see into the future. We are dealing with the SARS-CoV-2 a virus that is 5 - 10x more virulent than earlier SARS. Earlier SARS-2005 was contained because the infection/virus was transmitted after a person...
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    Trying to grow something up North

    I help out at a vineyard north of Detroit. Check out Minnesota University for Cold weather grape varieties. My suggestions are Petite Pearl, and Marquette, both reds., Also Frontenac Blanc for white.
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    Why is my wine 'thin'?

    I've not had thin results as yet with my bucket wine. Though I don't touch it for 6 months or longer after making it, and add 2 lbs of crushed grape skins during fermentation, or Zante's raisins. I do notice that store-bought wine stains my teeth. I think it's the color additives that they...
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    I assume everything is contaminated and needs to be disinfected. If I receive a shipment I use work treated gloves to bring it to a disinfected area that I use as my decontamination chamber. I wipe the bottom of box before sitting product down, Then I wipe all sides of box, and start peeling...
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Available in-store Flour, yeast, but the baked Bread aisle cleaned out. hmm, time for homemade bread.
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    What R you doing today?

    Check out this Youtube video about the Coronavirus and what to do. Buying 2 years worth of TP isn't one of the things to do
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    What's The Soonest You Can Bottle/Drink A Wine?

    Supposedly white wines can be drunk sooner than reds. I give a white at least 3 months after fermentation before I start to drink it. With that said I think pretty much everyone has had a few bottles of wine earlier in the aging process. Try cold crashing a gallon of it. Rack it. Then test...
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    Newbie from DA U.P.

    Here are suggestions Primary fermenters Two five gallon white food grade buckets from Walmart and snap on lids less than 5.00 each Secondary Fermenter 1 five gallon plastic water jug with handles and screw on cap from Walmart less than 9.00 or used 5 gallon water bottlle Hydrometer kit...
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    Fermentation crawling

    I ferment white wines with D47 in a temp controlled basement room 60-61-F. I usually make a yeast slurry if using an unopened pack of yeast. Or ladle lees from a previous wine batch, add to the new main must. Lager yeast, enjoy the cold temps down in the 40's. 60 deg-F is bikini weather...
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    @RocketBee I bought a 10L Chardonnay Kit from Winelovers late last Dec 2019. Delivered quickly, no shipping fee, plus % discount. I started the kit about 6 days ago 2/20. It came with EC1118 yeast, clearing agents, Bentonite. The Winelovers juice just outta the box Brix reading was off the...