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    Help with a kit

    Yes, it started out HIGHER than 1.000, like probably 1.090 to 1.100. Then fermentation lowers the SG from 1.090 to 0.999 or lower. It is ready to move to the next steps.
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    Most neutral grape?

    Perhaps it could help us if your were to explain WHY you want a neutral grape? I, for one, don't understand this sentence: "What would I add to fruit, spice, or floral wines as background, with very little impact on flavor?"
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    Blowing my own trumpet

    Congrats! :try
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Delaware? Hell, how about Pennsylvania! Nebraska? KS? Ooh, looking more closely now. ND? SD? (I realize Mike was focusing on NM.)
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    Post a photo, any photo

    Very nice! Thanks for staying up so that I did not have to! :)
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    Research into home winemaking - TIME TO TAKE THE SURVEY

    Nice! There is a problem with your link above. I believe you meant to use this:
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    Yeast Recommendation Calculator

    Holy cats!
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    What is your most embarrassing memory?

    You can decide if I have become inured or simply acculturated! :)
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    What is your most embarrassing memory?

    Eau de Mark, perhaps?
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    AWS Amateur Competition

    Congratulations! :try
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    Say CHEESE!

    Of the domestic Gruyere-style cheeses, supposedly Roth Grand Cru is way up there: Grand Cru® Award-Winning Alpine-Style Cheese - Roth Cheese
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    What do I do if my pH is above 4.0?

    Welcome to WMT, @Lewtenant . Such a change sounds quite unusual. I will first ask how you are measuring pH? (And, @Jim Welch , carbonic acid will lower the value of pH, not raise it.)
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    What's for Dinner?

    I salivated involuntarily...
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    AWS Amateur Competition

    Congrats, Fred! :try :try
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    What's for Dinner?

    This was last night, but it took the pix some 24 hours to make it through the ether to my computer, for some reason. :? For a semi-special occasion (friend was released from the hospital after an operation), we indulged a bit. Rack of lamb (crusted in mustard, fresh rosemary, garlic, parsley...