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    Ph test

    Follow the MoreWine instructions. What you are not understanding is that pH is a logarithmic scale. The test is calibrated to titrate the number of ions in 5 mL of wine (i.e., the acid). There are essentially NO ions in the water you add (compared to the number in the wine). So it doesn't...
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    New Member

    Welcome to WMT!
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    See here: Wine Pump | All in One Wine Pump The owner, @vacuumpumpman , is a forum regular. Sounds like a fine idea. Some people just dip the tubes from many vessels down into a bucket of water. Yay! Glad to hear it is pas mal. Yes, there can be a LOT of cloudiness initially. It should...
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    little bubbles in finished Pinot Noir kit from Cru International

    I did not know these existed! I just bought some from your link! Thanks.
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    What's for Dinner?

    We enjoyed our by-now-traditional-Sunday lamb ribs (basil, garlic, EVOO); potatoes roasted on the grill, then sauteed in the lamb fat; sauteed spinach with garlic, EVOO, cilantro, and sherry vinegar; and leftover beet salad with macerated shallots and balsamic vinegar.
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    Post a photo, any photo

    Very impressive! Electromagnetism is WAAAAAY stronger than gravity. In comparing (to the uninitiated) the relative strengths of these two forces, I like to point out exactly your scenario: The electrons want to get from one terminal of your battery to the other terminal so badly that they are...
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Dragon Port 2013
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    Sparkling Rose Bottle Questions

    I did see 375's at Northern Brewer and elsewhere, if that is of interest. I would prefer 750, too, if it were me.
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    Ads making this site unusable

    Amazingly, you can disable ads on this site. If you click on your name in the upper right-hand side, you get a menu. Click "Your account," then click "Preferences." There will be a box you can tick to "disable ads."
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    Question about topping off

    It may interest you to know that you can fit an airlock to bottles, too. These "universal bungs" are universal because you can turn them upside-down and they will fit a bottle:
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    Welcome to WMT, Giacomo!
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    Sediment in secondary fermenter (glass carboys)

    Yes. Oxidation and other terrible things don't happen immediately; you can do what you propose.
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    Removing Labels with Sous Vide

    That is a great idea! That never occurred to me. This is despite that I have been doing sous-vide cooking for over a decade, AND a friend who manages many old rental properties years ago told me his secret for removing paint from, e.g., escutcheons and doorknobs: throw it into an old crockpot...
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    Powdery Mildew?

    I cannot help with the disease ID, but welcome to WMT!
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    Welcome to WMT! Lots of people from the 'Burgh here.