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    Long-Term Aging with Bottle Caps

    I can’t speak for long term wine ageing however I do have some wine in beer bottle under crown seal approaching 3 years age. Some in 375ml bottles have definitely aged quicker than 750ml in my storage conditions and I see no reason why they won’t last 10 years with no issues. While I put a...
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    2019 old vine Grenache

    Had a bit of a look tonight and here’s the colour of the free run at top and pressings at bottom. Almost indistinguishable this year apart from a bit more tannin in the pressings. I got much more extraction than last vintage when I had a big difference between the free run and pressings. Took a...
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    2019 old vine Grenache

    I pressed last night after everyone was asleep. Ended up finishing at 2:30am. Didn’t take any pics at the time due to poor lighting. All went smoothly with a few surprises. My yield was low only got 140 litres compared to 165 last year, and my must volume was up by around 25 litres this year. I...
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    2019 old vine Grenache

    Everything has been kicking along as it should. Will press sometime between tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) and Sunday night depending a little on the wine and a little on when I have the time. I put in my mlb a couple of days back one the ferment started slowing which is my standard. Also have...
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    Adelaide Plains Shiraz

    Hey mate sounds like you’re going in hard for your first vintage. Good luck with it all you’ll have a full flight from that lot! Yes, this year being so dry and hot yields are well down. The good stuff is amazing but a lot of growers have ended up struggling. Refer to my Grenache post to see...
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    2019 old vine Grenache

    How quickly a year goes by. I now have my 2019 Grenache happily fermenting away. We’ve had a tough year this year, extreme heatwaves and a summer that’s been4 degrees Celsius above average overall with very little rainfall, so picked March 3, 2 and a bit weeks earlier than last vintage...
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    Adelaide Plains Shiraz

    Pressed today. Didn’t do any readings but the ferment was all but done. We had a fairly hot day a couple days back and the 1118 just motored through with no fuss. I’m happy with the extraction I got and am confident this will be a good wine. Tasted a sample and it was nice and clean black and...
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    Adelaide Plains Shiraz

    I decided on a whim to grab some Shiraz from the Adelaide Plains after work this past Thursday. Mostly because it was ridiculously cheap at $600 a tonne and they hand picked for me. Plus I have been itching to get stuck into vintage. As I’m going to be making some old vine Grenache again and...
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    Beginner's diary - Shiraz making

    Sorry to be off topic Obelix but how did you go about shipping a bottle to Johnd in the states? I was going to ship some wine to a friend there and another forum member but could not find a way to send it. Can you please let me know.
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    You will be killed by ethanol poisoning multiple times before you’d get enough methanol from wine, cider or beer to cause you major harm.
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    Kiwi Wine

    Squeezing will only release more stuff that will already diffuse to some point in the wine. Give it a good dose of pectin enzyme and squeeze the shit out of it. I’ve done that with multiple berry and fruit wines and all are clear as a blue sky. I use 1 heaped teaspoon per gallon with the enzyme...
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    Why do you make wine at home?

    Really interesting read this thread. Great to know a bit about what drives people in their hobbies and passions. For me there’s multiple reasons. I started off brewing over 15 years ago and had a lengthy break. Returned to brewing with a vengeance and found myself bored during the warmer months...
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    Amarone style wine

    Thanks JohnD, Very much appreciated. I may well end up giving it a go am in that planning stage of what to do. So many grapes and so many options which is a good place to be in :)
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    Amarone style wine

    Has anyone tried making an Amarone style wine from grapes and not a kit? I’ve seen quite a few threads on kits but wondering if anyone’s gone to the effort of drying their own grapes to give it a proper crack. Vintage for me is coming up in late February-March and I’m toying with the idea of...
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    Old vine Grenache.

    I have now bottled the last of this 18 vintage Grenache. All up around 15 dozen bottles, having made 2 very distinct wines in separating the free run and pressings, pressings split 60% on French oak and 40% on American oak then blended back. I’m very proud of these wines, especially the...