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    Are there bottles that have inspired you?

    My intro to winemaking was when I was a cellar assistant at the vineyard I worked at in Northern VA. I started in the tasting room, but one day the winemaker needed an extra set of hands during the crush. We started talking, hit it off, and I then split my time between the tasting room and...
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    I think I just made rocket fuel.

    Well, I just wanted to give an update. I opened a bottle out of morbid curiosity and I was actually pretty shocked! It's beautiful honey color, and actually on the sweeter side (think Gewurtztraminer or a semi-sweet Riesling.). Hazelnut, honey, and citrus notes both in aroma and taste. You...
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    Walker's merlot started

    Awesome! I've been thinking about getting some juice from these guys, and it sounds like its well worth the money.
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    Carboy bung slipping out.

    Electrical tape here, too. Keeps my mind at ease knowing that there's really no chance at all for the bung to pop out.
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    I think I just made rocket fuel.

    Well, that will probably do it! I'm pretty sure I added it pre-ferment. Ya know, I write knowledge base articles for the company I work for, so it's ironic that I didn't RTFM. 🤣
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    I think I just made rocket fuel.

    I stirred for about 2-3 minutes before fermentation. Still scratching my head, I checked my notes again to make sure I wasn't going crazy. It looks like I was reading the wrong page, as the initial SG was actually 1.085 before adding the yeasties. Whoops! Anywhoozles, here's the SG readings...
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    I think I just made rocket fuel.

    It has a beautiful honey taste but has a dollar store vodka burn that creeps up on you like a hot pepper, lol. I did contact RJS about the SG when I first started because their instructions said it should be between 1.080 and 1.100 but I never got a response. Perhaps I should have diluted a bit...
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    I think I just made rocket fuel.

    I used the BA-11 strain, which has a tolerance of 16%. I did make the entire kit (6 gallons) and the room temperature during fermentation was about 75 degrees. Storage temp fluctuated between 70-80 during aging (thanks summer, lol.) No refractometer at time of bottling, so I can check when I...
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    I think I just made rocket fuel.

    So my latest batch was the RJS Double Down white blend, that came with a f-pack (put the whole thing in per the instructions.) I'm about to bottle, and out of curiosity, I decided to check the abv..... 20.64%. It's a honey color, too. The OG was 1.165 and the FG (checked today) is 1.010. I did...
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    Foil capsules for port style bottles

    Thank you!!! A life saver.
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    Foil capsules for port style bottles

    I'm bottling my next wine on Sunday using Balto (port) bottles for my latest wine. I bought the foil capsules, and they're just the tiniest bit too small to fit over the bottle. I can't seem to find any online or in the LBHS. Are there any specialty foil capsules or am I looking at potentially...
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    I tested positive a few days ago so I'm pretty much locked in my music room. I have been writing quite a bit, but it gets a bit tiring after awhile so Netflix and Hulu are a good escape! There's nothing like finding some obscure documentary about something like the history of Roman plumbing...
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    Show Us Your Pets

    One of my cats passed away a few months ago, and it took awhile for us to come to terms. We decided last week that we were ready to adopt again. We found her at the local SPCA. She was there for three months(!) When I spoke to the lady, she said no one was really interested in even interacting...
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    Sanitizing Bottles What do you use (Poll)

    Oxyclean FTW! It's so much readily available and cheaper.
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    Is it just me or do some red kits of a faint hot dog water aftertaste?

    Interesting! While I couldn't find a commercial wine that had the same exact blend, but my girlfriend and I did a tasting to compare mine with a 2017 Sangiovese and a 2018 Cab Malbec blend. Both of the commercial wines had much more present tannin and were full-bodied. Mine tasted like diluted...