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    Is there a way to combat oxidation already started

    Check out this thread. http://www.winemakingtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=42438&highlight=powdered+milk I tried the powdered milk process on a slightly oxidized batch and had some good luck both in color and taste.
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    Post a photo, any photo

    That helps!
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    Post a photo, any photo

    Got to say Jim, it's hard to take you serious...........maybe it's the avatar!:d
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    my sunday

    Aw what harm can this 1 apple do?
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    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    I have put it off long enough. I'M in. Scott
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    The problem with agrotourism

    "The parking lot on Alstede’s property was filled to the brim, thanks to the owner’s goings-on as well as the Harvest Fest in town. The sheer volume resulted in traffic lines backed up for miles in both directions, no one being turned away." The article makes it sound like the town's Harvest...
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    We have an acre vineyard in Minnesota. Extended cold this spring cut production down by almost 80%. I estimated around 400 to lbs of grapes this year. Middle of Sept we harvested the Edelweiss which was by far the worst of the 4 varieties. I was tempted to pick the Marquette and the best of...
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    Whole grape port

    " I made a small side batch of wine just for use in port" Quote from JohnT so I am going to call this the JohnT method. I started to make what I thought was a port using 8 gallons of frontenac grapes. I fermented grapes and added sugar until yeast died out. somewhere around 18%. There is a...
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    The evil holiday is almost here

    Mostly with you on this one John, However my wife did deviate from the no gift rule about 5 years ago, she bought me a ..............................Wine making kit! 25 carboys and an acre vineyard later I am wondering where all my time went. Scott
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    Note to Self: Read, Read this insturctions

    Woodshed..Wooodshed..James got taken to the woodshed!:db
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    Looking for a Tried and tested Gooseberry Wine Recipe

    MonteroRed, What color were your gooseberries? I've made gooseberry wine and it was red. Scott
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    My Best Toy Ever...

    Sign up for harbor freight email and you will always have access to a 20% off coupon good for 1 item per visit. They do like to keep you supplied with "sale" items. Scott
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    USAF holiday flash mob

    We just got out of the stone age and replaced our 25" RCA tv with a 60" smart tv and sound bar. While cruising youtube for Christmas music, mostly Trans Siberian stuff, I came across this. Thought it was awesome. Scott http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIoSga7tZPg
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    would you kindly review my plan?

    Ya, what Greg said. I over sulfited a 15 gallon batch (>100 ppm in white juice) and had a heck of a time getting it started. So2 measurement post ferment indicated no so2 remained.
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    Any quick steps on making wine from grapes?

    I did this this early on with 1 addition. I used a ratchet strap to squeeze the buckets together with a 2 by 4 on the top bucket to keep the top pail from collapsing in on itself.