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  • I bottled a batch of this the other day for my wife, turned out great. It cleared very nicely, I'm quite pleased.

    I used 6 cans of Dole's orange-mango-peach, 6 of pineapple-orange-strawberry, and 6 of pineapple-orange-banana. Tastes a lot like fruit punch, with *10.3*% ABV. Delicious.

    *edit* I checked my (meticulous) notes -- it's 10.3%, not 11.0%

    Curious -- I was looking to try this juice mixture my next batch. Were these frozen concentrated cans of Dole juice, canned tins, or refrigerated jugs? I briefly scoured my local grocer and didn't happen to notice any frozen cans of Dole juice.

    I appreciate your feedback!

    Also, I'm about to start a batch of blackberry wine. Do you believe the must from this would be a good suit for skeeter pee?

    Thanks again!
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