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    Wine diamonds and carboy aging.

    Years ago I would follow the guidelines for bottling and aging, adding all the chemicals as prescribed. Now that I’m back at winemaking again, and have decided to age my wines in the carboy, without the additional fining agents/chemicals,,, my question is: Approximately when,, during the aging...
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    Oaking an Amarone during Carboy aging

    Since I’ve decided not to use the additional chemicals for clarifying, and to age my Amarone in the carboy, my question is about when to add the additional Oak cubes. the original instructions that came with the kit say to add the cubes after the first racking to a carboy, right out of the...
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    Use of chemicals from wine ingredient kits.

    I got away from wine making circa 7 years ago but I’m back at it again. I started thinking about all of the additional chemicals that are added to the “must” during the process. Other than starting a kit with bentonite, I’m thinking about fermenting to dry, settling and clarification without...
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    Cellar Craft CC Showcase Viognier Wins A Blind Taste Test!

    Hi Mike,,,,, just curious if you used the full flavor pack on the Viognier? I know it says it's off dry in the description field, but my opinion of "off dry", is a little more dry than sweet. Really interested in your opinion on that subject because that Viognier is next on my list for the New...
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    Cellar Craft Austrian Zweigelt Information

    I looked on George's site for a pump and I'm not sure about pumps. What pumpdo you use Mike? Sipper
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    Cellar Craft Austrian Zweigelt Information

    Why didn't I think of that?
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    Cellar Craft Austrian Zweigelt Information

    Yes sir! And it's a whole bunch of fun in the process. (Except for the de-gassing). I go at it what seems like forever,,, but,,,,, it pays off. I found that out after my very first kit. I beat the ^%#?/&* out of it now. Happy Holidays Mike Sipper
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    Cellar Craft Austrian Zweigelt Information

    Thanks for the info Mike. That pretty much cinches it for me. I'm trying to get as many varied selections as I can for my cellar because, (although it is about what I like), I want to share the "fruits" of my labors with friends, and Ilike having a lot of different tastes available. (I'm...
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    Cellar Craft Austrian Zweigelt Information

    I'm really curious about the CC Austrian Zweigelt. The marketing description sounds wonderful but then,,,that's what marketing is supposed to do isn't it? None the less,,,, does anyone out there have any experience with this particular kit?? I'd love to hear your opinions, personal descriptions...
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    Top 10 reasons to make your own wine

    Because I have a very parapetetic pallete and enjoy many different types of wines for different reasons, I decided I could create my own to suit my tastes, and have more of what I LIKE handy, more easily than running to the wine shop all the time. That and what George said about price. I can...
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    Favorite Wine

    Chateneuf du Pape
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    Cellar Craft Instructions-vs-Enzyme packet-vs-SG

    Hi CPfan, It's the Cellar Craft Italian Barberaw/GPack. Ibglowin let me know about the enzyme packet and explained that it's not about the yeast at all, but instead, it's to keep a certain "white ring" from forming on the must.
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    RJ Spagnols Does the RJS EP Sauvignon Blanc drop wine crystals

    OK,,,,, as usual, I posted a reply/question right before Dean answered it. Just as soon as I hit the "post" button, I saw Dean's response. Wade, dont bother with my last question. Now I understand what you were getting at. Sipper
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    RJ Spagnols Does the RJS EP Sauvignon Blanc drop wine crystals

    Thanks Wade but I'm confused now???? Why would I want to use a screened aerator before the crystals fall out????? Seems to me that the only time you would use a screened aerator is when you are pouring out of a bottle into a decanter, or a wine glass???????? Maybe I wasn't clear on my question...
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    Cellar Craft Instructions-vs-Enzyme packet-vs-SG

    I meant there were no special instructions about the enzyme packet. Just the normal instruction sheet which told me when to add it. Thanks again Mike. Sipper