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    Pear Wine

    As you cut up, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the bowl to keep them from turning brown as you cut them up. Stir as you go In it.
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    Pear Wine

    I would use the EC-1118. Are you going to freeze whole or cut up and freeze?
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    Pear wine

    Not sure about that but I used a fine mesh bag to put all the pears in. This is a really fine mesh bag I use.
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    Frozen Concentrates

    My peach stopped at 1.006. It is dry not sweet at all. My blackberry and raspberry both stopped at 1.010.
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    NEVER AGAIN ! This is "Black Raspberry" Flavored Concentrate? I don't think so!!!

    Just rack my Coloma peach today. Started in April 2021. Taste good. Looks clear. However I used 4 qts for 4.5 gals. in primary. After a couple racks I have 4 gals and a qt. aging. All of my Coloma concentrates or any concentrate I have used have not been fermenting below 1.010. four different...
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    I used this blueberry concentrate to back sweeten. Blueberry Concentrate for Brewers and Wine making It turned out very flavorful.
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    Choosing between Lalvin EC-1118 or K1-V1116 ??

    I like this chart and ratings. Lalvin Yeast Profiles, Chart and Ratings I use 1118 for orchard Fruit and 1116 for berries.
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    This blueberry wine just keeps getting better. It is going on 11 months age now.
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    sources for fruit juices and concentrates?

    I have used these concentrates. Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate | Fruit juice Purees for Brewing and…
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    Cocoa nibs or Dutch chocolate

    well I added 1lb of nibs to 5 gal and a month went by. Seemed all the cocoa was extracted from the nut. I "may" taste a hint of chocolate. Defiantly not enough for it to really tell. I racked it off the nibs and will let it set for a couple months before deciding to add anymore or not. May just...
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    Cocoa nibs or Dutch chocolate

    @Raptor99 Thanks. I am looking for a hint of chocolate on the back side. I would like to be able to smell it too. The Torani Chocolate Milano Syrup did really well but I would like to be able to get the chocolate in with out adding a lot of volume the syrup came with. It will be bulk aging...
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    Cocoa nibs or Dutch chocolate

    What would be a good amount of nibs to add to raspberry? I am thinking 4oz-6oz to gallon?
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    Cocoa nibs or Dutch chocolate

    Did you roast the nibs or just add raw?
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    Cocoa nibs or Dutch chocolate

    I used Torani Chocolate Milano Syrup a couple weeks before bottling and it did excellent.
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    Cocoa nibs or Dutch chocolate

    Getting ready to rack my raspberry wine and want it to age 3 months on chocolate. Should I use roasted nibs or Dutch cocoa powder? Seems it would be easier to use the nibs. For the Dutch cocoa powder, can I blend it up in wine to make a liquid mixture to add to the carboy if I chose to use it?