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    Fall Grapes from California in Michigan

    A group of us truck in grapes from California to the Metro Michigan area. We are going to have some extra Cabernet grapes available this year. The grapes we use are from Sonoma and Napa Coombsville area. If you live close to this area and would like participate in these grapes please let me...
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    Help Please: How do you let wine age?

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    Help Please: How do you let wine age?

    Yuk on both price points!
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    Italian floor corker

    I will try the table process but that also seems like a lot of body movement when doing hundreds of bottles. You would think they would of come up with a little compressor that you hit a button and it pushes the cork in.
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    All Must Go!

    Not selling the destemmer?
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    Italian floor corker

    Just wish they would make an affordable automated corker. Not that young anymore and corking kills my back!
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    When to Press when Co-inoculating?

    I did. Interesting change being in Michigan this year. Entered 3 wines and got awards on 2 of them. I think the third is still to young. I will wait a couple years and enter it again to see....
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    Add Juice Bucket to pressed skins?

    Sorry... I mis-read this post. 30 hours is 1 1/2 days! I am going to go out on a limb and say it is impossible to take approx 20 brix to 0 in a day and half. More to your story then showing... Probably almost done before you started.
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    Add Juice Bucket to pressed skins?

    2 1/2 day fermentation is crazy fast!
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    Big berries!
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    New to wine making

    Also spend sometime in this forum under wine kits.
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    Managing MLF

    I used to open the carboys and stir. Now I just take the carboy and roll it in circles on it’s edge. Works great and gotten pretty good at it. Try to keep temp between 70-75 Mlf likes warm temps.
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    Add Juice Bucket to pressed skins?

    Wow In all my years I have never performed a fermentation in 2 1/2 days. Not much skin contact and must have been real hot.
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    Hammonton wine compitition 2019

    Congrats Joe! Great Job!!!!!
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    When to Press when Co-inoculating?

    I am attending the WineMakers Magazine convention next week. One of the classes I am taking is advanced MLF. Be an interesting topic to bring up co-inoculation.