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    wine aging on lees

    This should help answer your questions: http://www.brsquared.org/wine/Articles/surlie/surlie.htm
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    New Wine Documentary

    All about the study prep that goes into taking the Master Sommerlier Exam: http://www.jbwpro.com/JBWpro/SOMM.html
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    taste oxidized

    I would bottle it and open it in approx 9 months. Granted it may appear oxidized, but given some time in the bottle, it may mellow out. Worse comes to worse, in 9 months, you pour it out, but might as well try and save it in the bottle.
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    Court of Master Sommeliers

    As do I Wade. It has been quite a journey.
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    Court of Master Sommeliers

    The class is in Chicago over Feb 20 and 21 if anyone is interested.
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    Court of Master Sommeliers

    I'm a little excited and want to share the news. Today, I succesfully enrolled in the Introductory Course which is the first level of becoming a Master Sommelier. I am only looking to become a Certified Sommelier (Level 2) but still seems pretty cool. You can get more information here...
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    Cicerone Certification

    For those of you working in the food/hospitality industry, or for the beer enthusiasts like myself, you may find this wealth of knowledge helpful: http://www.cicerone.org/ Scuba
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    Wine & Spirit Education Trust

    Bingo! I am one stop shopping hahah!
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    Wine & Spirit Education Trust

    The wine making background did help out quite a bit actually, but the instructor was able to give information about how the different types of oak impact how the wine will come out. I am also going to be taking a bartending class this fall when I return to school to work toward the completion...
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    Wine & Spirit Education Trust

    Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I last posted on here and wanted to give you guys a brief update. I enrolled and finished the foundation certificate of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) today. The foundation course provides information to front of house staff about how wine...
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    First bottling day

    Excellent labels! Congrats on the first kit, your hooked now. I see your from Avon Lake; I am from the east side of Cleveland!
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    Coffee Wine

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    Coffee Wine

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    Coffee Wine

    Hello! So while sitting enjoying a cup of coffee and reading these forums, a light blub went off, and I thought why not make coffee wine!?!?! So a quick trip over to Jack Keller's website provided me with the appropiate recipe: <CENTER>COFFEE WINE (1)</CENTER> <UL> <LI>½ lb freshly...
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    Nomacorc Corks

    I also have the double handed lever and I understand what you are saying about the "hole" or "dimple" in the top of the cork. I find there is a certain technique that once you start to implement in your corking will seat the cork completely in the bottle's neck and leave nothing sticking out...