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    Cabernet or Pinot Noir

    Thanks for mentioning this, Paul; I didn't know that.
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    MIdwest Supplies has some deals right now

    Thanks, @sdibley. I have an addiction when it comes to bargains. Although I don't need cleaning agents at the moment, I got 5 pounds of an oxygen type cleaner for $1.30 plus shipping. From the picture, it looks like the cleaner is wrapped in air tight packaging so it should last until I need it.
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Some people can't see the words:
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    Wild Winemaking by Richard Bender

    I was sent an advanced copy of it in 2017. You can see my review on Amazon. While Bender succeeded in what he was trying to accomplish, that is to write a fruit wine making recipe book with a diatribe about all-natural ingredients, I didn't get much out of the book since I have no interest in...
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    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to the forum, @rrbgtt . You'll find the members here to be very helpful. Make sure to spend some time searching through the archives for topics that you have an immediate interest in. If you don't find the answer to your specific question, then just post your query to the group. I live...
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    Free Webinar 7/30 9AM PDT - Enzymes in Winemaking: Activities, Applications, Actions

    Thanks for the web link, @jgmillr1. They have an interesting list of webinar videos.
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    Ferrari Bottle Filler Questions - NEED HELP

    @ithink2020 you'll be happy with the spring loaded wand. I started out with the Ferrari Bottle Filler like you did. While it worked OK, it did squirt out the top despite my adjustment attempts. What finally drove me to replace it is the realization that I was aerating my wine during the bottling...
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    Best label removal hack EVER

    If you're lucky enough to live near a wine making supply store where you can buy bottles for about $1 or less, then it doesn't make sense to spend a lot of time and energy salvaging wine bottles. Those people who don't have a local bottle source have to pay shipping to get bottles in. The costs...
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    Winexpert Luna Rossa

    From the date of your post, I assume that you're talking about the new 2020 Luna Red kit. I've made the Meza Luna Red kit that I think made a good tasting wine when allowed to age for a year after bottling. That kit was base on WinExpert's old 10 liter kit which was a less expensive alternate...